Admit it – you don’t think “hip” when you hear the word bingo. You’re not alone. For years, bingo carried a stigma that made it the favourite pastime of the elderly. However, that tag is long gone. Today, the figures prove that a British institution now appeals to a younger audience, generally between the ages of 25 and 44.

This revelation is a turn up for the books, but it’s more than an anecdote. North East businesses need to tap into fresh consumer bases because 60% of millennials will remain loyal if presented with an acceptable experience, meaning they will spend money regularly. The good news is you can turn to bingo for the following advice.

Move with the Times

Bingo is an expert at moving with the times because the game doesn’t compromise its foundations. Instead, it makes little tweaks that pay off in the long run. It’s easy to point to how it has leveraged the internet to regain its popularity, yet this is only one example. Another fantastic case companies should examine is the use of quotes and how it engrains into our culture.

Bingo terms are integral to the process as they provide laughter and enjoyment to audiences and add value. As a result, many bingo sayings have become parts of popular culture, such as Doctor’s Orders (9) and Two Fat Ladies (88). Still, the game hasn’t rested on its laurels. Instead, it has contemporary counterparts – Get an Uber from Mine (9) and Wills and Kate (88) – to make the experience inclusive for a variety of generations.

Don’t Compete with Rival Activities

As an entrepreneur, you want to destroy competitors as they pose a threat to your future. Unfortunately, this is an old-fashioned way of thinking, and it’s not a feature that young adults like to see in modern brands. If anything, bingo is highlighting how working with rivals and not competing against them is healthier from a business perspective.

Currently, bingo providers are moving away from the tried and tested method of capturing players by working with the likes of Stonegate (the owners of Slug & Lettuce), Picturehouse cinemas and Puttshack crazy golf. There are even bingo nights at axe-throwing venues. The move ensures the closure of bingo halls, of which 75% had closed in the last 30 years by 2015, doesn’t work against them. Notably, the trend of combining bingo with cultural activities, just as it does with language, is proving to be effective.

Secure Celebrity Backing

Celebrity backing gives your brand clout and makes it more important in the eyes of consumers. However, bingo shows that celebrity sponsorships can also make your products and services relatable to young, hip adults. The adoption of the game by Prince William is the biggest indicator.

Many cool influencers are rumoured to enjoy a game of bingo, but hundreds of thousands of viewers tuned in to The Royal Family’s YouTube channel to watch the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge host a virtual session for care home residents. Of course, distributing your content via the most consumed social media accounts only heightens the impacts.

Bingo is a real-life example of how brands can pivot to appeal to new audiences by using media and language to integrate into our culture. It’s your turn now!