The majority of people living in first world countries are moving away from expensive cable TV to on-demand video streaming which is more convenient and offer a ton more options. You can watch from your TV, computer or smartphone. With such an increase in demand for content, you’re likely to experience lagging and buffering which can be a nuisance when you’re watching your favorite movie or show from ดูหนังออนไลน์.

It will be hard to try and stream your favorite movies from 123movies. If that is the case, you shouldn’t despair because there are some simple hacks you can try out that will significantly improve the quality of the stream. More content across devices is certainly something that should be encouraged. The challenge is the bandwidth that is associated with the streaming. Content producers are shifting to 4K quality which will have a toll on your internet. Here are some of the things you could do to improve the quality of streaming. You can also visit the site

Secure a Steady Internet Connection

Before you can look at different reasons for the problem, you want to make sure you have a reliable internet provider. It will be difficult to brainstorm other issues when the main culprit is your provider. Check the internet speeds so as to make sure that you’re getting what you pay for Some webistes like Stream Complet have good streaming speeds.. You might have high internet speeds but the latency is also an issue. This will be a big problem when you’re watching high-quality videos or gaming online.

Prioritize Airtime

There are occasions where every device in the home is connected to the internet at the same time. This could interfere with the speed. Before you can start to stream, make sure you’re disconnecting the devices that you’re not using at that particular time. The PS4 is known to consume a lot of bandwidth if you’re downloading something in the background.

Delete Cache

Temporary files could be slowing down the internet speeds. If you’re streaming from your computer, make sure you’re cleaning the cache. There could be thousands of unnecessary files that are taking up memory which slows down the speed of both the browser and the internet.

Using Ethernet

There is a high chance the Wi-Fi could be slowing down the media even if you’re using faster modems and modern signal extenders.

This is because devices that are wirelessly connected will not be able to receive the signal as fast compared to those that are physically connected to the router using an Ethernet cable. Without the cable, you may only get half of a 20 Mbps speed which leads to a downgraded quality of the video stream. This tip will come in handy if you’re streaming from a computer or have a TV with an Ethernet port.

Reset the Router

When was the last time you actually reset your router? Sometimes your devices could fail to connect to the internet. You will try everything possible but yet the solution is just restarting the router. The router also caches memory which can clog the speed and functionality of the internet. Turn it off for about two minutes. Ideally, you should be restarting the router once a day.

Upgrade Router

You will definitely get a better signal in the different parts of the home with an upgraded router. If you’re always experiencing streaming issues in your bedroom, a more powerful router might help. An upgraded router provides the option of connecting to the internet via 5GHz range which is known to be faster and there will be less interference from other devices connected to the same network.

Move the Router

Sometimes the problem is the position of the router. If it at the far end of the home or near the ground, you could be limiting the signal strength on your own. The router should be in a raised and in a central position where most of your devices are located. If you have a big house, it is recommended that you get a more powerful modem or network extenders.

Limiting Access

Other family members could be trying to stream 4K videos at the same time you’re trying to watch. If you’re the one who is paying the bills, you have a right to limit internet usage especially if kids are involved. There is no reason why your 10-year-old should be up past 10 pm watching. The kids should have their own stipulated time for using the internet. This shouldn’t interfere with your schedule when you want to stream your favorite show.