Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It is up there with graduating from college, or buying your first house, or becoming a parent, so you want it to be perfect. Throwing the perfect wedding is not easy, but it is worth it.

This ultimate wedding you have planned needs to be flawless, and that means an attention to detail and preparation. If you need help with some pre-wedding planning, then these ideas should serve you well.

Plan a Getaway Wedding

The best way to throw the ultimate unforgettable wedding experience is to do it away from home – far away. These getaways, otherwise known as destination weddings, offer something that people can never forget and that is the experience of a vacation while celebrating your big day. The most popular spots for these types of weddings are usually tropical because the weather is almost always going to be sunny and warm which makes for a perfect wedding reception near the beach.

Keep the Guestlist Smaller

It might feel like you want to invite everyone on your Facebook friends list, but you should do the opposite. Having a smaller, more manageable guestlist helps you plan the wedding much easier, saves money, and you can have only the closest people in your life there to celebrate with. How many times have you really talked to your second cousin from your mom’s side in the last year? That is right, not often, so just focus on those really close to you and you will be fine.

Maintain a Theme

People love a good wedding as it is a cause for celebration. More so than just any wedding, you want a cool theme and maintaining it is important for making a cohesive experience. Some themes you can go with that are crowd-pleasers include country themed, romantic Paris getaway, roaring 20s, and modern, among so many more options. Having a theme is an exciting way to turn your wedding from tame, to talk of the town.

Add Something With Flair

Even with a theme for your wedding, you need something that pushes it over the top or gets people talking. You need a statement piece and this could be anything, as long as it makes sense. A country themed wedding could have a mechanical bull (be safe!), or a ritzy glamorous 20s themed wedding could have a big, attention-stealing ice sculpture. The options are endless, but they have to make sense.

Go All Out On the Little Things

The details are what matter when it comes to planning the perfect event, and a wedding is no exception. Going back to the guest list, you want wedding invitations that blow people away with their flair, even if they are not a little thing. Smaller details include the plating, linen and tablecloths, the centerpieces of tables, the decor big or small, all of it adds up to an excellent experience for you and the guests.

Throwing the best wedding ever is not a dream, it is a must. This is one of the biggest days of your life so you need to know how to truly make it feel like one. This list will help you plan that ultimate wedding.