Bongs are also known as bubblers, Billy and bringer. And these are nothing but water pipes which allow you to smoke weed. Glass bongs have been around for centuries. Word “bong” is taken from the Thai word “baung” which means a bamboo tube and it was used to smoke weed.

Today bongs have become more complicated but all of them have the same working process. To know more about it, keep reading further.

How does glass bong work?

Glass bongs are available in the store in different shapes and designs. A basic form of bong contains just a bowl and a chamber. While others are mouth-blown, colorful, and work of art! All of these do the same thing that is to filter and cool the burning smoke coming from marijuana.

In the bowl, dried weeds are kept, and then it is lightened to combust the weed. When you inhale the water inside the bong bubbles and smoke rise up. Smoker goes through water and gets cooled and then enters your mouth as well as lungs.

These days you can even find bongs specially made for girls. These bongs are designed to give a fairy tale look and are very elegant piece which you can even use for decoration. If we talk about the price, then bongs are available at a reasonable rate. You can find beautiful bongs under $75 and also $100.

Some of the styles of bongs you can find are beaker bong, globe bong, diamond bong. Apart from that you also get a themed bong which you can use to decorate your home or room! Some of the themes available are super Mario-themed bongs for girls, kitty bongs, fairy tail bong, etc.

Designs of the bongs differ from shop to shop! You can find a multi-chamber bong but those are highly expensive due to the complicated design and high-quality taste. Percolator bongs are similar to bubbler bong. In this type, there is a percolator that dissipates the smoke as it passes through the water chamber and then there is a bubbling effect.

A beaker bong contains a cone shape and looks like a beaker. These are very stable and have a large base process to use it is the same as other bongs. Just add cannabis, water, fire, and get going!

Straight tube bongs are most commonly used and have a simple design. They have a tube sealed to one end and a bowl poking outside. Add a bit of water, and weed in a bowl, and smoke.

Why glass bongs are popular?

The reason why people prefer glass bongs is because glasses are clean and offer a pure taste of weed. It doesn’t affect the flavor and you can even monitor resin buildup from the glass. Apart from that glass bongs are easy to clean when compared with other types.

Now that you know what are glass bongs and why they are popular! You can easily look in the store and choose those which match your taste and style!