What is Elo Boosting?

Elo is a rating system initially used in two-player games to calculate the relative skill levels of the players. It is created for Chess by Arpad Elo. Hence, the system got his name, Elo. Later on, many games have adopted the system to rate their players. Elo system was used in League of Legends before the introduction of the league system and the third season. In League of Legends, this system is used for the matchmaking process that matches two players of the same skill level to play with or against in ranked games before Season three. Each player will get a ranking after five continuous games in the same queue and then it will increase with winnings. A high ranking means the player is strong. Elo boosting is the process of letting a pro player to play on your behalf in your account and increasing your Elo rating and boosting your account. You can find online coaches and boosters to help you with this. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of boosting your Elo.

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Advantages Of Boosting Your Elo

You may think that paying for reaching a higher level in a game is not worth it. But you are unaware of the advantages that it can bring you. It will take time to become a high-level player in any game. The same is the case in League of Legends. Some of the advantages of paying for an Elo booster are listed below.

Time Reduction – It may cost you more time to play each level of the game to reach a standard skill level and explore the high-end options or experience of the game. If you buy a boosting service, you can save the whole time and can concentrate on other things. The boosters will take care of increasing your level in the game.

High-Level Gaming Experience – A Diamond 1 level gamer will have a fascinating experience in his games than an amateur player. Elo league experience always gives you more information on how to play the game in a better way. You can learn a lot from your high-skilled opponents in Elo leagues.

Competitive Gaming – If you are a beginner or an amateur, your skill level will be low. The gaming matchmaking is programmed in a way that two players of the same skillset will play with each other. Even when you are a skilled player but you are with a new account, it will be boring to play with low-quality players to reach the level of your ability. If you boost your account, you can directly play with the players of your level. Your competition will be high and better. You can learn or get tips from other players to improve your game.

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Your Account Is Secure – If you go for Elo boosters, they will use VPNs to protect your account’s privacy. Your personal information will not leak or hackers cannot find your account to do unethical activities. You can get an improved account level without the risk of losing your privacy.