If you are at the starting of your divorce process, you may consider representing yourself instead of hiring a divorce lawyer, thinking you will save money and time. Most people find divorce a complicated and confusing process, and they are grateful to have an experienced family lawyer to guide them through it, just like Tumolaw, the best divorce lawyers in Fort Worth. If your marriage was very short, if both are committed to ending your marriage without legal or financial battle, if you have no assets or children, and if neither of you needs to receive spousal support (alimony) from the other, then you may process your own divorce using a kit or online tools. 

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Some Reasons To Consider When Hiring A Divorce Lawyer –  

1. You Are Unfamiliar With Matrimonial Law Or Family Court

In court, litigants who self – represent themselves, are not given any special treatment, judges hold them to the same standard as the lawyer for the other side. Most judges are patient people but if you don’t have any knowledge of the law or what documents required or even what to do next, then you may be pushing the judge’s patience to pass the breaking point. The more annoyed a judge gets, the less sympathetic he or she will be.

Family lawyers are experts in knowing what they have to say to make their case more reasonable than yours.  So it seems unlikely that you will be able to prepare to face the court process and your spouse’s lawyer by yourself. The matters may get worse if you jeopardize your case by saying or doing just one thing wrong.

2. You Need Objective Advice At This Time

At the time of divorce you may experience feelings of betrayal, fear, depression, sadness, confusion, rage, and resignation – sometimes all these feelings you may experience on the same day. At this level of heightened emotions, the fact that you cannot be objective about your case will skew your judgement. If you think to represent yourself, you should be aware that your emotional state may prevent you from making wise decisions about the future. 

As a third party, a family lawyer can keep a clear, level head and separate themselves from the emotional side in order to work towards the best resolution for everyone involved in the case. The divorce lawyer can remind you throughout the process to keep your emotions in check or introduce you to other professionals who may help you channel your emotions into positive strategies.

3. May Suggest Options, You Didn’t Even Know

A family lawyer can evaluate your situation and let you know about the outcomes if you take your case to the court. Based on their experience, they will offer a variety of legally acceptable options to settle your case. A lawyer will help you create a reasonable settlement proposal, if it is coming from the other side, he will let you know whether to set up a counter proposal or fight it out in the court.

4. Help You Focus On The Big Picture

While you may be focused on winning the case, a family lawyer concentrates on creating the best deal possible which may help you to compromise on some issues so that you get more of your must-haves. Family lawyers represent individuals with finite resources, not big corporations who have unlimited money to throw at a case, so they understand cost is important.

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If you don’t know to choose the right lawyer for your needs, take a minute and think that a good divorce lawyer will advise you not to waste your money by fighting over every issue and they help you set your priorities so you end up with more of what you actually require.