Introduction to weed

The actual meaning of the word weed is an undesirable or unwanted plant that grows in the areas where you are expecting some other useful species of plants. But as the years pass by, weed became the alternate word for the flowering tops and leave of Marijuana, a Cannabis plant. Weed will have THC content that will provide mood alterations and other psychoactive effects that will give a high feel and relaxation from stress. So, most of the people will use weed to get that high feeling. Since it causes some other side effects, some of the countries have restrictions on weed usage. But you can buy weed online in the countries where the usage of weed is not illegal. However, you should buy it from a reliable seller. There are different types of weed available in the market. Traditionally, the two types of Cannabis species contribute to the weed production. But as technology improves, more innovative production methods have brought different strains of weed by combining various available raw plants to mix the benefits of every plant. In this article, let us discuss these new and traditional weed plants.

Traditional types of weed

Cannabis Indica – It is a type of Cannabis plant that will grow smaller in size and will be there in the colder regions of mountainous Afghanistan. The THC content of this weed will be very high. Since THC contributes to the high feel of Marijuana, this type of weed is the most mood-altering weed in the market.

Cannabis Sativa – This type of weed will grow in the warmer regions of South Africa and Mexico. In contrast to Indica weed, the THC content will be less in this weed. So, the high feel will not be there when you take this. However, you can enjoy other benefits of the plant.

Ruderalis – It is another type of weed that has the least amount of THC content compared to the other two plants. You can find this type of weed in the processes of Medical Marijuana since it will not provide any high feel.

Modern strains of weed

Hybrid weed – Hybrid weeds are the combination of parent plants from the traditional types of Cannabis plants to provide a combinational benefit. Some of these hybrid weeds will follow.

Sour Diesel – It is the combination of Indica and Sativa, thus providing relaxation effects of THC and energizing effects of Sativa at once. It will have high THC content that will provide you a high along with some health benefits of CBD. The diesel-like smell and the sour taste have brought the name for this type of hybrid weed.

Purple Kush – It is directly originated from Afghanistan regions, thus will provide high THC content. So, people who need a pure Indica weed can go for this type.

Blue Dream – It is a Sativa-dominant weed. You can get motivation and energy by the intake of blue dream weed.