Types of popcorn makers

Do you want to buy a popcorn maker? There are several popcorn machines available in the market. You have to consider a few factors to select the best popcorn machine that suits your needs. Some of those factors are frequency of usage, amount of output, quality, the taste of popcorn, etc. You will need one type of machine for home usage and a different kind for commercial purposes. Although there are some differences in specific poppers, we will see the basic types of popcorn making machines in this article.

Types of popcorn making machines

Some of the basic types of popcorn making devices are listed below

  • Commercial Popcorn Makers

  • Microwave Popcorn Makers

  • Stovetop Popcorn Makers

  • Hot Air Popcorn Makers

Commercial Popcorn Maker

Commercial popcorn makers are useful in producing popcorns in large amounts. They are also known as Professional popcorn makers since they are used mainly in crowded areas like cinema theatres and malls. However, these machines will occupy a lot of space because of their bulk size. It will contain a kettle that pops the kernels using the heating element and motor that equally spreads the corns. It is enough for the labor or maker to add the grains and switch on the machine. The machine will take care of other things, and the popcorns will pump out of the kettle once popped utterly.

Microwave Popcorn Maker

This type of popcorn maker is kept inside a microwave, as the name suggests. You can get fresh popcorns within few minutes. All you have to do is dump the popcorn kernels in the popper and keep it in the microwave. Oil is not needed in this type of popcorn maker since the popper uses the microwave to pop the kernels instead of oil. You can use the lid of the popper to add some butter if you need it. When the corns get popped up, this butter will mix with it since the top helps in melting it.

Hot Air Popcorn Maker

As the name suggests, the main action of popping is using hot air. This popper’s main compartment will consist of a fan that circulates hot air. This hot air will vaporize the moisture inside the kernels making the kernels to pop out. This type of popper does not need oil, and hence the calories are also less.

Stovetop Popcorn Maker

A stovetop popcorn maker is the best choice for making popcorn at home. It is quite simple. You have to wash and season the popper before starting to pop. You can use vegetable oil to season the pan. To pop the kernels, you have to spread a uniform layer of oil over the pan and dump half a cup of kernels over it and keep the stove at medium heat. Tilt the pan at specific intervals to spread the kernels equally so that the kernels pop better.


Based on factors like taste, quality, convenience, and serving size, it is good to choose a correct popcorn maker to enjoy your time with fresh popcorns.