A first step into the world of SEO is an audit that can tell you a lot about your website and show you what you should change to significantly improve its ranks. If you want to start fighting for a better position in Google, this is the best way to start. Although an audit performed by a professional company might not be cheap, it will definitely help save some money in the future.

Indexation and visibility

First of all, a SEO audit checks if your website and its subpages are indexed in Google. It’s a crucial factor concerning future operations. If a website is not indexed at all, it means that it contains an error or has been blocked by the robots due to earlier violation of Google rules. Unindexed pages are not visible in the search engine results, so it’s impossible to start any SEO operations without solving such a problem. A SEO agency like Fabrykamarketingu.com, which hires the best experts, will analyze the problem and come up with a proper solution.

If a website is correctly indexed, it’s also worth checking on what phrases it’s visible in the TOP 50 and what you should still work on. The whole process is definitely easier using professional SEO tools for analysis and monitoring.

Page speed and adjustment to mobiles

It is very important for a website to load smoothly and quickly. Nowadays, internet users don’t have time, nor patience to wait for the desired content for ages. It is essential to check the page speed on both desktops and mobiles because most of the current traffic comes from mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. That’s why a website has to be mobile-friendly too. It should be readable, fast, and convenient for all users.

Page content

Google’s algorithms prefer websites that provide valuable, up-to-date content and can be a real treat for the readers. The content has to contain keywords and phrases that your audience should search for your site by. All the URLs inside the page have to be dofollow links and it’s also important to fill the meta title and description fields. If you take good care of your content, it can effectively influence your position and be more user-friendly at the same time. A well performed SEO audit gives good feedback about the possible drawbacks and advantages or a website’s content. You may implement all the alterations yourself but only after your site is precisely analyzed and the possible solutions are indicated.

Safety and page errors

Last but not least, an audit checks if a website doesn’t comprise any errors and if it’s safe from spamming and hacking. If some errors occur, it’s best to contact a developer to solve the problems. A SEO agency gives solutions that can be implemented to enhance a website and its functioning.

A SEO audit is a great option, even if you don’t really plan any future SEO operations, because it shows your website’s weaknesses. Only if you’re aware of them, you can easily fix them and make your page more friendly for your customers and easier to use which can result in increased sales results and site