For several decades, men carried wallets in their back pockets. And it was indeed fashionable, classy, and stylish. But today the trend is different. The traditional bulky wallets have been replaced with the slim front pocket wallets that sit nicely in the front pockets.

Besides being comfortable and stylish, these wallets are secure and convenient. They are easy to get out of the pocket and are lightweight. No thief daring enough can access them in your front pocket at your full glare. Most importantly, some models have RFID protection to keep electronic pickpockets at bay. Check for more about best front pocket wallet.

What are the Types of Front Pocket Wallets?

Slim front pocket wallets come in different designs, models, and sizes to choose from. Also, they are made from different materials that give them their quality and unique appearance. Some are crafted from metals, while others are made of top-of-the-range leather materials. Here are the common types of front pocket wallets that you should know:

1.Slim Front Pocket Wallets

The front pocket wallets should be easy to access and take along with you. They should also be slim enough to keep in your front pocket. This is contrary to traditional bifold wallets which are too bulky to fit in your front pocket. Slim wallets tend to be sleek, compact, and slim in design, making them a perfect choice for fitting pants. You can also slip them into your shirt pockets and still feel comfortable walking around.

2.RFID-Blocking Front Pocket Wallet

RFID is a short form for Radio Frequency Identification and is a type of technology used to make minimalist wallets more secure and reliable. Most of the current version of front pocket wallets incorporate the RFID protection to keep their contents secure. These wallets feature durable steel plates on the front and back to shield information from your credit cards against the RFID-skimming thieves or electronic pickpockets.

3.Leather Front Pocket Wallets

Leather is known to be the most widely used materials in crafting wallets. It has been used before to make traditional leather wallets and now it has found a way into minimalist wallets. The ideal type of leather used to make these products is the top-grain oil-tanned leather known to give them a more traditional appearance in a slim way. In addition to being tough and durable, this material is flexible and gentle on your skin. On that note, don’t be surprised to find many brands and models of leather front pocket wallets on the market today.

4.Metal Front Pocket Wallets

Quite a number of front pocket wallets are made from high-quality metal plates. Most of these metal plates are crafted from an alloy of cold-rolled steel and anodized aluminum materials. The plates play a critical role in securing the contents of your wallet into a more compact form to give it a sleek appearance. Such a slim wallet is usually easy to insert into your pocket due to its design.

Final Thought

Front pocket wallets are a game-changer when it comes to securing your essentials. On top of that, they cut out most of the bulk, thus improving your back problems and letting you carry only documents that matter the most.

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