Drop shipping is the supply chain method used by online retailers in the sense of selling the products. In this business, the merchant or the supplier doesn’t keep the products; they buy them in stocks depending on the need of customers at the time of orders they get. The drop shipping method occurs when a small retailer receives the request in bulk by the drop shippers. When it comes to shipping the products to the customer, there are two methods of shipping, blind shipping and private label. This method helped e-commerce widely expansion. Apart from all of that many scams are also happened in the recent years, these scams are done some by some of the fraud websites because these practice can let them to obtain the profit. Not only the customers in this industry but many of the wholesaler was also targeted by these scams.

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In 2018 gimlet media report said that this industry mostly targets their clients in sense of making high profitability,These scams were also done internationally; the scammers named their selves after some famous drop shippers. Few names were Australian drop shippers. In 2016 buzz feed shown the article based on the Chinese drop shippers selling the product without advertisement, and sometimes customers even received only the packaging instead of the product they ordered. The converse of drop shipping is (will call); in this method, the customer receives the product from the wholesaler instead of a retail shop.  

Profit anyone can make

One of the easiest ways of understanding this method is affiliation marketing in this method, the internet user or sometimes the local business practitioner uses different platforms of theirown  like website, social handles, etc. They registers their selves as an agent promoting the product of the company they are working with few of these companies names are amazon.com, Flip kart, eBay international.   

Blind shipping 

Blind shipping is the method of sending the product to the customer by not having the return address. As when the wholesaler drop ship’s the merchandise to the retailer, the retailer practices in the sense of stopping the wholesaler from being widely known by hiding the figures they have. By this practice customers directly contact the retailer not the wholesaler for their need of the products. E-commerce industry runs this method, they show the product in a digitalizing way by their website, the applications they provided on the different platforms of today’s era. In this method customers contacts orders through these e-commerce platforms, which is really beneficial for their monetization, apart from all of these the companies only provide the customer with free shipping. Depending on the criteria of order some of them provide these free shipping but some of these companies don’t.

Private Shipping 

Private shipping is different from blind shipping, because in this method the wholesaler already has the written address of the retailer. This method charges the retailer for the supplying of the product sent to them.