Although other fancy leagues like Bundesliga and La Liga also currently have some of the best football teams and players playing against each other, but they don’t stop the English Premier League from being the most powerful and popular football league in the world.

High Viewership
There are some critics of the Premier League as well, which complain about the lack of management and excitement in the league, also, the home team hasn’t been able to prove their worth on the international stage yet. But despite all these things, Premier League is the most anticipated and one of the most (if not the most) exciting leagues in the world. It is so popular because of the large number of people who want to see the matches played in the league. Additionally, sites like Motson’s Tips provide the bettors with good analytics and people make a lit of money during the league.

The number of people watching every premier league match are estimated to be around 13 million on average. This is far more than any other football league. Numbers speak for themselves, so, not a lot of explanation is needed here.

High viewership is what makes the Premier League one of the biggest and most profitable events in the sports industry around the world. Due to these numbers, the television broadcast rights of the league sell for billions of dollars.

But Why Are The Leagues Dominated By A Few Major Teams?

Now let’s start out main topic. It is true that a lot of teams are currently playing football on an international level right now. But as it can be clearly seen, almost all of the football leagues in the world are dominated by just a few teams. Big teams like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Arsenal, Liverpool and some others enjoy winning most of the major football titles.

For example, one of the main reasons for the dominance of Real Madrid is their good record in the La Liga. The league started in 1929, and Real Madrid, playing from the very first day the league was made, has won the title 32 times. In contrast, their rivals, the FC Barcelona have only won 15 titles. But the fact here is that both of these teams are big, and they dominate the La Liga and are well ahead of anybody else.


As we already mentioned, dominance is found in almost all the football leagues around the globe. The top 5 to 6 clubs are also the most frequent title winners, and they have one certain league that they dominate in.

Is It Due To Absence Of Competition?

It is usually perceived that dominance is caused by an absence of competition. This is not the thing in football. We can take a good example from Manchester city team. There are 27 other professional clubs within a 50 miles radius from the Manchester city, so, if the fans don’t like the team, they have a lot of other alternatives. But still the Manchester Team is preferred. This suggests that the dominance is because of the consistency of performance in the teams.

2020 is expected to be the year when we see some of the younger players come ahead and break the Messi, Ronaldo monopoly on the football. These players have won almost all the Ballon D’Or titles in the last 12 years within themselves.So, what 2020 Has In Plate For Us?

In England, it is expected that Liverpool might win their first Premier League title in 30 years. This is the major expectation from the world of football in year 2020. If it end up happening, it will just be like the even when Manchester United won in 1993 after 26 years of waiting. This is another reason why Premier League is lived by its fans, it has it’s own history and people expect a lot of entertainment from the league. Liverpool has nothing to loose, it can balance out the 20 titles of Manchester United, or , the United might retain its dominance in the Premier League. This desperation is what keeps the fans excited, and it keeps making the broadcasters billions of dollars in revenue.

It Becomes Deeper In 2020

We can’t say for certain what team would dominate the Premier League in 2020, but what is certain is the fact that smaller teams are also getting a strong comeback in the league this year. Euro 2020 has expanded to 24 teams now. All the teams competing in the very first round would only see a third of them eliminated in the round, so, there is a good chance of comeback for the smaller teams which are often overshadowed by the bigger ones.

Teams like Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland all have the chance to prove themselves.

What Are Off-Field Challenges?

After discussing a bit about the teams, let’s come back to the English Premier League and the challenges its facing right now.

The biggest threat to the Premier League is that the top European clubs are making alliances to break the monopoly of English League by creating an alternative. Champions League is constantly expanding, and efforts are being made by the English League rivals to further expand the Champions League and challenge the status of Premier League.

Also, some of the major changes in the format of Premier League might also damage its reputation by stripping the league off of what the fans love about it. And although the elite clubs are still making millions due to their popularity and star players, smaller clubs like Bury and Macclesfield Town are strolling to keep themselves alive. It is all about the money, and competition is getting tougher than ever.


So, after considering all the stats, we can say that the Premier League 2020 would be a close fight between Manchester City and Liverpool. If you’re a betting lover, you can see football bet of the day to skip all the hassle and see what team is most likely to win in a single match, this makes things a lot easier.