Now that it’s time to bid farewell to 2020, we must look out for interior design trends that will rule 2021. Contemporary window treatments and relevant trends are taking the world of architecture and interior design by storm. When decorating your house, openings must be treated with precision as they can make or break your house’s aesthetic value. Since traditional curtains and window treatments can rob the harmony of a space, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of treatments you opt for.

Here are a few window treatment styles that will in vogue in the upcoming year –

1.     Shutters

Shutters were formerly used to uplift traditional décor themes. This form of window treatment has been in use for centuries and is coming back in style. Shutters not only uplift the aesthetic value of any interior space but also provide ease of operation. This window treatment style works efficiently in every weather due to its insulating properties. Plantation shutters provide a sophisticated and elegant look that goes well with contemporary and Scandinavian interior décor themes. In a way, this window treatment style defines timelessness. You can adjust the louvers to maintain privacy and control the amount of natural light and wind that flows in.

2.     Roman Blinds

Roman blinds stay in trend almost every year. In fact, when it comes to choosing a ‘safe’ window treatment, Roman blinds are one of the top choices, and rightly so. The interior decorators at Blinds 2Go recommend picking real silk blinds to achieve a regal look. Similarly, if your décor theme is more laidback and cozier, textured blinds with a neutral color palette is the best choice. Since Roman blinds and rolling slides follow a minimal approach, they are back in style. These two styles are also preferred because they are functional and let the perfect amount of light in.

3.     Floral Retro

Another ‘vintage’ trend, floral retro curtains and window treatments are facing a comeback. Floral prints have always been a topic of conflict among interior decorators. While floral prints do emphasize certain décor themes, using them in every setting can ruin the look and feel of the interior. However, with the onset of the new year, interior decorators are taking a modest approach and using contemporary themes. Floral and retro prints go well with pastel and neutral themes, which is why this window treatment is gaining popularity. Floral patterns on curtains are expressive and highlight the otherwise prudent interior décor.

4.     Curtain Rods

The trend of accenting curtains with rods was long gone. However, interior stylists are realizing the importance of emphasizing each and every detail that can majorly impact the look and feel of the entire space. Curtain rods are the overlooked details that can be used as decorative accents. In situations where interior designers need to treat window treatments as the highlight of a space, curtain rods are an effective solution. Some stylish curtain rod styles and systems include acrylic finishing elements, chrome-plated rods, and copper-coated rods. If you feel that curtain rods, hooks, and other accessories will bulk up your minimalist approach, pick delicate accessories that will add a subtle touch.

5.     Automated

The list is incomplete without the inclusion of a tech-based application. Motorized and automated curtains are gaining popularity due to its efficiency and comfort. Since these curtains are not rare today, you can find motorized curtain settings within your budget. They come in a variety of styles and suit every purpose. For instance, electric roll-up curtains or automated awnings resist strong winds. Similarly, raft curtains are used to cover large openings and block visibility. Automated pleated blinds are another option that fall in this category.

6.     Monochrome Sheer Curtains

2021 is set out to take a minimalist approach, which has given rise to monochrome sheer curtains as window treatments. These contemporary sheer curtains are seen in almost every modern house today. One major drawback with this style is that they cannot entirely block sunlight, which fizzles the purpose of having curtains. However, if your main purpose to attach curtains is to add a touch of elegance and sophistication, monochrome sheer curtains are your go-to. Since these curtains pair well with most accessories, you can use them with every theme. Furthermore, this style of curtains is affordable as compared to its counterparts.

With the onset of 2021, looking at window treatments with scrutiny is of utmost importance. Along with the floor, ceiling, and wall treatments, openings must be considered as a vital design element too. Whether you are an interior decorator or a potential seller, consider these styles and window treatments during renovation.