A dense fog of myth surrounds card counting in blackjack; it is assumed a person with a high IQ can perform it. In reality, it a technique anyone can master with perseverance. When one masters the technique, it provides adequate financial reward. There are many cards counting system depending on accuracy, and intricacy, which can be overwhelming for a starter. One may opt for an easier method that provides less accuracy but moderate financial return. But if you want to play like a professional, you need to know about the most precise system.

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Conditional probability

The card counting system is easy to comprehend and to explain but difficult to implement to make a kill in a casino environment. You must be deft at basic strategy, true count conversion, bankroll management and betting strategy before you encounter a veteran in a casino. Playing efficiency (PE) measures the efficiency of each strategy at determining correct playing variations. The higher the PE better is your prospect to win. Insurance correlation gauges the efficiency of the counting system, referring to when to buy insurance. A balanced count starts and ends with zero, like Hi-Lo. K-O is an unbalanced count, where the ratio to low cards to high cards is unequal.

Blackjack is the rarest of casino games which is pedestal on the principle of conditional probability. It is a fanciful way to express “what occur next depends on what already occurred”. Once a card is played cannot be withdrawn till the game is over. This implies the next card to be drawn cannot be identical to the one that was just displayed. This is the fundamental principle of card counting to keep track of the blackjack table. When you remember the cards which have already been played, you have a good idea of the rest. When the not played cards are favorable to you, capitalize it by placing bigger bets.

Simple card counting technique like K-O (Knockout) gives a slim edge over the house. Hi-Lo can provide an edge ranging from .05% to 1.5%, depending on your skill factor. Hi-Lo is the most popular blackjack counting system. There are three segments in the system; low cards (2-6) =+1; neutral (7-9) =0, and high (A-10) =-1. You need to convert running count into true count on subsequent hands. Once you attain +2, increase your bet by one unit and add another unit for every +1 count.

If you want to plunge into card counting, Hi-Lo is the right step, but there lies a vast world of other card counting systems. Archer, AWK, BRH 0/1/2, DMpro, Graham2/7 are to name a few. If you think you have to keep track of all cards of the whole shoe of six decks, then you are wrong. Remember the simple ratio of good cards to bad cards. Tracking the right cards in relation to bad ones already played gives you an approximate idea of the rest of the shoe. As said earlier, it is not easy to implement; you need a lot of practice and training courses in situs judi online.