Asbestos is a well-known building material that can be found in building materials, and it is also known as a carcinogen. When ACM (asbestos-containing materials) is damaged or comes in contact with fire, it releases toxic substances in the air, which is very harmful to the human beings’ health nearby and very much risky to the building occupants and workers from inhalation.

Asbestos fibers presence or absence can’t see through the naked eyes, and we cannot judge or determine the bases of visual identification. That’s why the asbestos survey accomplishes the survey in which they collect the samples of the materials and collects the required materials used in or as building materials. Which then tested in the laboratory, if the entire sample were asbestos-free, then the contracts will pass, this process is also known as asbestos screening. The contractor or the owner who purchases the material for building should remember that the material is asbestos-free and has ACM because you they do not check that; they will face problems in the future as well as in safety management too.

If the buildings containing materials like asbestos remains in good condition and sealed pack. Then usually, it is placed safely through some operations and some maintenance plan.

Different types of asbestos surveys

Generally, asbestos surveys will be tailored for the building characteristics and to fulfill the need of clients, so below are some common types of asbestos surveys

  • Asbestos screening- Usually, the entails targeted sampling like ACM, such as the areas, which are targeted damaged, and potentially suspected to friable ACM. It is then sampled, and laboratory tested from the different areas and materials where are used and suspected in the building materials.

  • Limited Asbestos survey- This usually entails the most suspicious areas where are many chances of getting the asbestos samples like floor tiling has, roofs, and wires, somewhat, which is more comprehensive samplings of the building material and suspected ACM’s.

  • Construction path/ Asbestos survey Pre-Renovation- Entails samples of materials of the buildings in such areas that are expected to be during the renovation activities and construction.

  • Pre-Demolition Asbestos survey- These are the most types of surveys, these surveying facets of all the buildings, including the exterior and interior building materials using the real protocols. The destruction, survey demolition the small sections of the building materials to discover the ACM behind the wall.

Removal of Asbestos

 There are many asbestos management companies’ options in the market. In addition, the removal of ACM based on your needs. The partners also provide services to assist with asbestos removal, including the abatement oversight, air monitoring, and the clearance to ensure the samplings are done. This is to ensure that the particles are not present in the air.

So, if you are a responsible citizen, you care about others and air pollution. However, air pollution is the main cause of death in many people nowadays. So, you should ensure that your asbestos survey is done.