For all their showmanship and promises, car dealers are always on the lookout for a profit. Fortunately, some of them operate with integrity, not willing to cut corners or cheat their buyers in any way. However, other dealers are quite happy to spin a lie or two if it means shifting a problem car from their lot.

In any event, the auto industry is constantly swamped in bold, life changing claims, and buyers need something tangible to hang on to. That said, the HPI check addresses many of a buyer’s growing concerns when purchasing a vehicle. Ultimately, they’re essential if you want to buy a new car with full confidence.

Consequently, it’s worth asking; why are HPI checks so important?

Is the Vehicle Stolen?

Cars have many uses, and quite a few of them are illegal. This is where HPI checks can come in, weeding out the bad eggs from the good to help you land a solid, legal deal when buying a new car. In turn, the safe purchase keeps you squeaky clean on a legal basis too.

It’s all about transparency during the transaction period, and HPI checks make this possible. If the vehicle you like has a criminal history, such as being stolen and even presently being looked for by law enforcement, then the HPI check will tip you off. After all, some dealers will not disclose this information if they can make a profit keeping the secret and then selling it on. On the other hand, some dealers might just be unaware themselves.

In any event, the HPI check will reveal everything to you, including whether your vehicle is recorded by authorities as being stolen. Get a HPI check, and you’ll ensure what you’re buying is of legitimate stock.

How Many Changes?

Like their drivers and passengers, cars evolve overtime. They change owners, and each one may add their own personal touch to the vehicle; new paintwork, new modifications, customised number plates, etc. The list of changes can be never ending, but the HPI check tracks them all down and hands the data to you for your consideration.

This is an extremely convenient and highly beneficial service. Can you trust your dealer? Well, the HPI check will give you that answer definitively. Every claim, every time they play fast and loose with the truth; it can all be either backed up or proven wrong by the HPI check. The vehicles identity is pinpointed down to the last detail, cementing your position as a buyer so that you know exactly where you stand.

Are Dealers Always Honest?

You’ve likely noticed a recurring theme in this article by now; that dealers aren’t always trustworthy. Of course, sellers of any industry can be tricky to deal with. When economic hardship or brutal competitors enter the scene, dealers become desperate, but it’s important not to let your sympathy drive your money into undeserving hands.

Of course, the HPI check doesn’t just benefit the buyer; it benefits the dealer too. It ensures that they’re running a tight ship, meaning they can keep operating legally and retain business. If they’re discovered to be selling cars wanted by the police, they can be fined, shut down and even prosecuted. The laws are tough here, so it’s necessary for dealers to carry out their own checks in order to keep things going.