If you are looking for a new printer and have heard about the HP OfficeJet Pro range then this may be a great option for you. HP is a well respected brand who make top-quality products. Check out why they are so popular below.

Easy to Use

The first reason that the OfficeJet Pro series is so popular is because they are so easy to use! You simply unbox, plug in, and follow the step by step instructions to get everything up and running. They connect so easily to computers and the latest models even offer sir printing so that you never need to be left without the documents you need.

HP work hard to make products that are accessible to everyone so that you are not left stuck when it comes to your new equipment. When it comes to simplicity, HP OfficeJet Pro models are a dream to use.

Takes Compatible Printer Ink

Another great thing about the OfficeJet Pro Series is that you do not need to use original ink for HP printers. Instead, use replacement ink services like Smart Ink to stock up and keep your machine in perfect working order. Replacement inks can vary in quality so it is best to go to an ink specialist each time.

One great example is if you were looking for a HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 cartridge, you can search online for an ink specialist, find the company that takes your fancy and then order directly from them. This method saves you time and means that there is no need to head out to the shops every time you need an ink top up.

Produces Excellent Results

This series of printers are also great because they produce outstanding results every single time. You will find that whether you are printing in bulk or just a single sheet the quality is consistently good and gives a professional finish to your work.

You can choose to print in colour or black and white and will still get great results. Plus, if you are printing for your own personal use, greyscale will work just as well and will save your ink too! The quality your get from an OfficeJet Pro means that you will not want a different printer model ever again.

It Is Easy to Maintain

When it comes to cleaning your printer, HP have it sorted! The machines are sleek and easy to wipe down as part of your normal routine and the parts that you need to clean are easy to reach and wipe down easily.

Each of these printers also comes with a self-cleaning function that will maintain the inner workings of the printer itself. You simply press the cleaning button in settings and allow the printer to clean the printer head for you so that your printing results are as crisp and clean as ever!


It is clear that the OfficeJet Pro series is well worth your consideration; from quality printing to compatible printer ink for HP printers, it is sure to be a trusted device in any location. Shop around to find the best deal and then make sure that you go for it! Your printing will never look better than with an OfficeJet Pro.