Are you considering hiring professional rubbish removal in London? This article is very detailed and will be your ultimate guide to professional waste management in London.

What Are the Types of Waste?

The last thing on your mind is to acquire knowledge on waste-classifications, right? Doesn’t matter, waste is everybody’s problem, not just your council’s. If you have 60 seconds to spare, that’s enough. These are the 5 kinds of waste:

  1. Household waste which can be further classified into kitchen waste, garden waste and house waste.
  2. Municipal waste, which includes commercial waste and demolition waste
  3. Industrial waste
  4. Biomedical waste
  5. Special hazardous waste, which includes radioactive waste, explosive waste, and e-waste.

Why Should You Hire Professionals for Waste-Management?

Hiring a professional waste management company might appear unnecessary. However, responsible waste management is no easy task, and hiring a professional company is the easiest way to get it done. Here are the reasons you should go for professional waste management without hesitating.

1.      Handle Waste Without Wasting Time

You don’t want to waste your time worrying about waste management when you have more important things to do. You can take care of your household, get more work done in the office or keep your factory running while professionals handle your waste for you. A professional company will simply schedule a time, collect your waste, and dispose of your waste quickly and efficiently.

2.      Do It Right And Avoid Legal Issues

You will face penalties if you don’t manage your waste properly. Even honest mistakes can amount to heavy amounts of fine. Don’t risk it; you will lose time, money, and reputation. Hire a professional.

Before hiring, ask the customer-service person these two questions.

a.       Is the company licensed?

Before you hire a waste management company, make sure that it is licensed by and registered with the Environment Agency. Don’t let an unlicensed agency’s staff enter your premises. They’re nothing but trouble. If they cause damage or fly-tip, you’re responsible, because they’re simply not licensed. You will have a whole new legal monster to battle with. Under the Environmental Protection Act, householders can be fined up to 5000 GBP if they don’t take “reasonable measure” to verify that the waste management company they hire is authorised to do so.

b.      Is the company insured?

An insured company will compensate for any damages to your property or valuable items lost during the clearing process. Before hiring a company, discuss their insurance policy and its limitations.

3. Do It Safely (Bulky Or Chemical Waste Is Risky)

When clearing biomedical, radioactive or toxic waste, you stand at the risk of getting infected. If you hire individuals for clearing dangerous or potentially dangerous waste, it is your responsibility to assure a safe working environment and provide your staff with precautionary equipment. This is very expensive. It is also an unnecessary risk not worth taking.

If you work with a professional waste management company, you don’t have to worry about safety. Let them know precisely what kind of waste they will be dealing with so that they can take adequate measures and bring all necessary equipment needed to deal with your waste. This process is safe, cost-effective and convenient.

4. Get The Job Done Without Hampering Your Productivity

Does DIY cleaning sound like a viable solution to you? Have you considered the amount of noise, mess and displacement caused by DIY or unprofessional waste management? The process will also eat up your hours during which you would be otherwise working. As the age-old saying goes, time is money. Why waste this valuable time behind an ineffective clearing process? Hire a professional company.

While talking to the waste management company you are hiring, let them know about your business hours. Ask if they work on weekends. If your office remains open 24*7, ask if they can do their job between shifts. Once you have discussed the details, time-management will not be an issue.

5. Sustainability And Eco-friendliness

Choose a company that has decided to adopt sustainable methods of waste management. Ask if their waste-processing method emits carbon. You wouldn’t want your waste to add to climate change. Choosing a company that has decided to go green is terrific for the reputation of your business.

Select a company that will recycle your products. There are many waste management companies out there who will collect your waste and separate items like paper, cardboard, plastic, polymer, glass, cotton, etc which can be recycled. You can either contact a company that produces recycled items or you can ask your waste management company to do it for you. What is better than turning trash into cash?

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