Today, stress comes in many different guises. A hectic home or work life, or family and relationship issues can easily start to get on top of us, with time on evenings or weekends not offering enough downtime to truly rest and relax.

While the benefits of going on holiday are proven to be both physical as well as psychological, realistically, we can’t all jet off for months at a time.

To combat this, Perfect Stays has put together five reasons why mini-breaks are the best way to recharge those run-down batteries.

Enhanced well-being

Brits who travel are statistically happier compared to those who don’t. Even the anticipation of going on holiday can create a sense of happiness and boost your mood.

Mini-breaks feed into our inner explorer, allowing us to break away from day-to-day life and put some of our troubles into perspective. New experiences and a getaway of a few days or even a weekend can refresh the mind.

In a longitudinal study covering seven weeks, candidates reported their health and well-being levels before, during and after a short vacation. Participants’ health and well-being improved during the vacation on five indicators: health status, mood, tension, energy level and satisfaction.

Personal relationships grow

Holidays are great for sharing and creating memories with your loved ones and taking time out allows relationships between families and couples to grow.

If you are in the early throes of a relationship, it’s a big leap to suddenly spend two weeks in each other’s company. Booking a weekend break is a great way to test the water, almost like a practice run. What better reason to book that romantic getaway you’ve had your hopes on?

Increased productivity

Short breaks allow you to be away from your desk long enough to relax but are short enough for you not to feel too stressed at the mountain of emails in your inbox on your return.

In fact, according to Attention Restoration Theory, spending a little time out of the office and in nature can actually improve focus, enhance performance and make you more productive.

Travelling also widens our horizons and allows us to learn new skills and hobbies, which we can bring back into our everyday lives. When you return to the office, the wealth of real-life experiences that you have to offer can make you an even more valuable asset than before you left.

More to look forward to

Using up all of your holiday allowance in one go may make for one amazing holiday, but you’ve then got a whole year to wait until you can plan your next trip.

This can feel demotivating to some, but planning plenty of mini breaks throughout the year will give you little bits of excitement to look forward to and help you to remain focused, even during the busiest working days.

Take-away travel stress

Long-haul travel can be expensive, exhausting and can leave people feeling like they need another holiday to recover. From long waits for customs and passport control, tiresome transfers and hauling luggage around, these are the aspects of holidays we dread.

Not only could it be possible to just hop in the car and be on your way, with an increase of hassle-free internal flights in the UK, short breaks are the ideal solution for both travel time and the stresses that come with long-haul holidays.