Life was going on even if not smoothly for the 7 billion people inhabiting our planet. Then last year, something unforeseen happened. A pandemic raged across the world after almost a century as a yet unknown disease that spread viciously. It was a disease for which there was no cure, and it was a deadly disease, the COVID-19 pandemic. Within months of its first appearance in China, the world came to a standstill. Businesses and economies slumped. People died in hundreds of thousands, with almost every person of our 7 billion substantial population being somehow affected by the disease and its spread.

Just like the paragraph above too eerily out of apocalyptic fiction, the human spirit endures. Forever trying to find a way to express itself, human enterprise is all set only to strengthen from the challenges brought in by the pandemic. Yes, it was after quite a while that we as a species faced such a grave problem. The industry around sports betting showed the human spirit is more robust as we continue to emerge from setbacks like a true sportsperson, as this report from will reveal!

The Aftermath

It is indeed true that COVID-19 has brought sporting activities to a grinding halt. But that has only made fantasy players gain a stronghold on the imagination and money of people involved with sports betting.

Almost all major sporting events in the US and beyond were affected by the pandemic. The tentacles of the infectious disease tightened the free will of major leagues like MLB, NBA, PGA. But the sporting spirit emerged triumphantly, and the betting industry turned inwards to keep on the forward march. The world never stops, especially when it comes to sports and sportspeople!

New Avenues

The change in sports betting is fast and furious. So fast, that many sports betting concerns are taking things on a day by basis almost literally. Many businesses didn’t know what to do when the suspension of the NBA season was first announced. The NBA is particularly essential to people who place sporting bets.

One of the cash-cow leagues won’t be going on this year was the news, resulting in many businesses that provide tips to betters to stop their subscriptions. Other firms that provided fantasy games advice in addition to sports betting tips were affected as well. It just boiled down to this; the services were no longer offering any information on anything that had significant financial value.

Other opportunities were there for the companies that tried to create ways for themselves. Fantasy-based esports, for example, saw its users increase by as much as ten times in particular cases. One particular E-sport which has especially benefited from bettor swanking to fantasy games platforms is the League of Legends. Other exciting games drew in the money from sports bettors through the Belarus Premier League soccer and even professional ping-pong.

Some other topics that people are taking bets on, especially bookmakers outside the US, are more obscure. Perhaps it would not be entirely unfair if we were to term them as absurd. They would attract that term if it were not for the pandemic and its global effect on shutting down sports and related betting. Companies are taking bets on things like maximum temperatures in the various cities of their countries. There even emerged specific platforms to facilitate such uncommon betting. A few dedicated apps went viral, too, back in February.

Such businesses built around unconventional betting ideas hope to maintain their business even when the pandemic has passed out. The aim is to carve out a suitable place for themselves in the broader ecosystem surrounding sports gambling.

Things Getting Back To Normal

However, things are after a hiatus slowly getting back on track. But that spells uncertainties for people betting on games. While there is enough data, rankings, and experience of the bookmakers to go by, the betting setting itself this season is something you can’t account for. The lack of fans in stadiums means the advantage of being in “home” turf will be affected. But how much, to what extent?

Final Thoughts

But the spirit of keeping on playing serves to display the dedication and solidarity of the fans and supporters. Sure, some big names will be staying away from betting big this season. But, your average Joe has got a lot of more betting options on his plate that will only make sports betting stronger and more popular.