For years, digital marketing has been changing not just the way consumers shop, but the way businesses operate too.

And whatever your industry, it has not only mobilised the competition but also raised the bar – customers now expect businesses to be online, on the ball and accessible at all times.

It goes without saying that this is no fad – as we live more of our lives online, digital marketing is here to stay. But certain dominant trends will guide the way into the future, and as social media has driven the demand for visual content through the roof, the medium has also become a major expectation in onsite user experiences too.

As the format sets a standard across industries, this article examines why visual content is key to any digital marketing campaign.

It appeals to the short attention spans of consumers

When Andy Warhol made his famous remark that in the future, everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes, he wasn’t wrong exactly, but he may have overestimated a little.

Because in 2021, whether you’re an individual or a business trying to make a splash on social media, you’re lucky to hold a user’s attention for 15 seconds, let alone 15 minutes.

But visual content is one of the best ways to do it. It’s well established that a quick meme, gif or clip can significantly boost your social media engagement. Why? Because it’s something viewers can connect to instantly, with a single scroll of their thumb.

This is also why influencer marketing is so valuable to businesses looking to boost their reach – whether it’s a sponsored Youtube video or paid Instagram post, channels which utilise visual content to connect to their audiences

Your online presence becomes distinctive

Visual content is also an excellent way to reflect your brand’s identity.

Using cohesive and complimentary colour schemes that match your logo and site design, as well as a unifying tone and style, visual content makes your brand become instantly recognisable – SNS Group are well-versed branded content creators.

It can also be a useful way to establish your business’s position as an expert in your field, using educational videos relevant to your products and infographics which provide a digestible way for users to find the info they need fast.

An amendment to the old adage?

For years, marketeers have sworn by the saying ‘content is king’, and any industry pro worth their salt knows that’s not changing any time soon

But with visual content emerging as a clear champion in our culture of instant engagement, brands need to be tuned in to the demand for accessible and captivating communications that cement those loyal, long-term relationships with customers.

So save your 280-character tweets, spare those lengthy Facebook posts and start brainstorming visuals that vividly vie for users’ attention.