It’s that time of the year again, when people start to plan their weddings and your daily post starts to become a stack of wedding invitations that are waiting for a reply. They come in all shapes and all sizes, some will be traditional, and some will be themed, but they all have one obvious thing in common.

While some things are now done over the internet and digitalisation continues to take over our lives, it’s hard to imagine anything that would ever overtake the traditional wedding invite.

It’s little wonder that couples spend so much money and time on selecting the wedding invitation that best suits their style, as it’s a physical and actual item.

In most cases, wedding invitations are the first thing that your wedding guests will receive, and they can therefore feel like a really important aspect.

There are so many to choose from and selecting your personal choice should definitely be one of the fun bits.

Because when it comes to wedding invitations, nothing beats the feel and style of a beautiful, handmade invitation.

Like much of wedding tradition, it’s hard to imagine that they will ever go out of fashion and these are the key reasons why.


A physical invite is much more personal

On a daily basis we receive hundreds of emails and how many of them really catch your attention?

Sure, there are interesting types of emails and there are also well-designed emails, but none of them connect like an old-fashioned invitation does.

There’s that scene in Bride War, when Anne Hathaway’s character shoots off an angry and misworded ‘save the date’ email to her wedding attendees. It’s tacky and doesn’t have anywhere near the same impact that an old-fashioned invite would do.

Ultimately, there is something a lot more personal and thoughtful about a physical, handmade wedding invitation. Something that can be held in your hands and which signifies that the recipient is someone who very special to the couple that sent it.  

It’s a small gesture, but it can do wonders for ensuring that people feel included in the wedding experience.


They can help introduce your theme

There are some fun and creative wedding invitation designs available and these can be an interesting way to introduce your wedding theme (you can look on for some more inspiration)

I recently attended a modern festival themed wedding and we were sent lanyard invitations in the post. Everybody commented on the fact that this was a fun, relevant and convenient invitation style. What’s easier than a lanyard that you can wear around your neck?

But if you have chosen to not have a themed wedding, you can still use your invites as part of the overall wedding experience. In this case, instead of opting for invites that fit a non-existing theme, pick options that suit your colour scheme. Or, if you’re super prepared, chose one’s that have the same texture or feel as the chosen wedding outfits.

Use the invitations to invite guests into your wedding secrets, by dropping hints or subtle nods towards what is to come.


They can help talk to guests about gift buying

Whether you have asked for financial donations for your honeymoon or have a wedding list with a chosen department store, invitations offer an awkward free, unpressured way of highlighting your gifting preference.

Nobody – guests and wedding couple alike – enjoy having the awkward conversation about this topic and it’s enough to strike fear into the hearts of most. It can be difficult to try and decide what a wedding couple might want or whether they’re going to like something that you’ve purchased.

Your wedding invitations often the perfect opportunity to introduce this subject and we would recommend doing so.


They are a keepsake

If you’re invitations are beautiful or have any other sentimental value, some guests will want to keep them. Aside from the wedding programme, there is nothing else that can fill this gap, and, in that regard, they are worth every penny (check out these favour ideas for more insight)

Whilst there is much to be said for the perks that come with new digital developments, it’s fair to say that some things will forever remain in their current, traditional format. In this regard, wedding invitations will never go out of fashion, as they offer something that digital formatting simply doesn’t.