A North Tyneside woman has launched an international business aimed at pooch lovers, which has become an instant success.

The company, Nel-Luxe, was born when Kirsty Farn’s hobby of making fashion accessories for her dog started attracting attention on Instagram.

Nel-Luxe now offers a range of designer accessories for dogs – and the business is thriving already with styles being snapped up from far and wide by pooch lovers.

The inspiration for Nel-Luxe came from Kirsty’s love for her Cavapoo Nelson, her flair for design and her creative ability which had been become buried under working full time as a project manager. She said:

“I’ve always been quite a creative person. Growing up I was always designing and making my own clothes, but since leaving school and going into the world of work, I just didn’t seem to have the time.

“However, once we got Nelson, I found myself buying him loads of accessories, every time thinking, I should make these accessories myself. So, I found my love of design again and I have been making him bandanas and bow ties since he was a puppy.

“I started posting photos on his Instagram of him wearing products I’d made and quickly started getting messages asking if I sold them! The rest is history and Nel-Luxe is now receiving lots of orders on a daily basis.”

Nel-Luxe, which is a play on Nelson and Luxury, offers a range of bandanas, sailor bows and collars in a choice of gender neutral fabrics. Oranges, greens, pinks, reds and blue patterns in high quality fabrics are proving popular, as is the match your pet bundle, where owners get a hair tie that matches their pups accessory.

Harnesses and leaders, with matching poop bag holders, are currently in development and will soon be added to the range.

Orders have started to come from across the UK, as the 16.2K followers of Nelson_Cavapoo have been treated to images of the handsome pup modelling the Nel-Luxe line. The @Nel-Luxe instagram following is growing fast since launching this month too, with a number of pups also making it onto the page as models!

More information is available on Facebook or Instagram and can be found on the website at www.nel-luxe.com