Six-year-old Yarm Preparatory School pupil, Lottie Lane, is celebrating her achievements after being named one of the winners in a Young Writers competition.

Lottie’s prize is to have her work published in the book, ‘Young Writers: The Adventures of …’, which is due to be released on 17 May.

The Young Writers competition was open to children aged 5 to 7 and aimed to inspire pupils to plan and write their own story. Pupils could star in their own story, or write about someone, or something that interests them.

Lottie wrote her story, The Girl and The Polar Bear, after learning about the North and South Pole and the effects of global warming on the habitat of one of her favourite animals, the polar bear.

Lottie said: “I am very proud that I have won the competition and will have my work published in the Young Writers book.

“I had a lot of fun writing my story The Girl and The Polar Bear, and I am really looking forward to other people being able to read it.”

Bill Sawyer, Head of Yarm Preparatory School, said: “We are all very proud of Lottie for being a winner in the competition, and it’s a real achievement to have her work published at such a young age.

“Entering competitions like the Young Writers is a fantastic morale boost for our pupils, and helps to encourage creativity in subjects they excel in.

“When the ‘Young Writers: The Adventures of…’ book is released, we shall have a copy on display for other pupils to read and enjoy Lottie’s fantastic piece of work.”

The Girl And The Polar Bear

The polar bear was in the front garden of the little girl’s house. The girl looked out of her window in the morning and saw the polar bear sitting on the fresh, green grass. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She thought polar bears lived in the North Pole. She wondered if it had come here to be friends. She ran down the deep stairs as fast as she could then threw open the door and the polar bear made a deafening growl. The little girl was surprised but she wasn’t scared at all. “How do you do?” asked the little girl.

“Very well, thank you!” answered the polar bear.

The little girl was shocked to hear the polar bear talk. “What’s your name?” she asked.

“Poppy,” the shimmering polar bear replied. “I am from the North Pole but I have come to ask for your help to save my home. All the animals are frightened that our home will be destroyed.”

“What can I do?” asked the girl. “I am not sure I know how I can help!”

“You need to tell all of your friends.”

Finally, all her friends knew that they needed to help save the animals. Everyone needs to help recycle and not throw their litter away and save the planet!