Whilst studying for her A Levels at Bede Sixth Form College, Emily was given the opportunity to be mentored by Jim French a director at PD Ports, who informed her of the different career opportunities available at the business, but most importantly how apprenticeships are no longer about trade-based roles. A four-week internship with the firm, motivated her to pursue an apprenticeship in Civil Engineering.

As an apprentice Civil Engineer, Emily believes she has so much more work experience than she would have gained on a traditional full-time degree course, as it allows her to learn content at university and then apply it to projects at work.

“I can learn by both hands-on experience and technical learning which I think is a great way of developing knowledge and confidence, this is one of the traits that drew me to the degree apprenticeship when it was offered to me.”

One of the benefits is that she is always enjoyed is that she is always surrounded by Chartered Engineers who are to help and support with any practical or theoretical challenges she is faced with.  Emily has found her time at PD Ports to be extremely beneficial – as an employer they are committed to developing staff, providing as much support and training as possible – helping her to learn quickly about the world of engineering due to the people that she interacts with on a daily basis.

“This level of support is invaluable when progressing through a HNC and Degree as they will explain anything you may not understand at university in the context of your work environment which I often find becomes much easier to understand.”

Emily is confident that this career path as helped to become much more confident in her own abilities and enabled her to develop new, transferable skills as well specific technical skills required for a career in civil engineering.

“Apprenticeships can be a daunting idea when leaving school or college, especially for young women entering a male dominated industry, but the range of support in apprenticeships in the North East today is excellent and makes it an enjoyable experience while teaching everything that will be needed in the world of work.”

Having lived in Stockton and embarked on a career in the region, she is passionate about contributing even more to the regional economy and local communities. Emily believes the north is a great place to build a career

“Now that I work in the logistics industry, I experience the effects of the Northern Powerhouse every day as I see the huge developments going on in this area. There are some fantastic opportunities for young people that come along with these big developments so now is a perfect time to be applying for apprenticeships in the North East.”