The Alnwick Garden have teamed up with Virgin Money’s ‘Make £5 Grow’ project and local Middle and high schools in the region for their Young Entrepreneurs Enterprise Programme Christmas Market challenge. School children from around Northumberland will be competing to see who can make the most profit on their Christmas stall. Each young adult is fully responsible for every aspect of running the stall, from what they are selling, price and mark up, profit and display.

Toni Dunn from The Alnwick Garden who is organising this years Young Entrepreneur Christmas event said “we are working with young people who are interested in working together to produce their own products to sell for a profit on their own stalls on the day. The Young Entrepreneurs Christmas Market will be open to the public from 9:30am on Friday 18th November. The atmosphere should be electric with live music at different intervals of the event, we are delighted to be showcasing local talent again from the schools in the area. We run our enterprise programme to empower, raise self-esteem and belief in themselves – giving much needed life skills to our business leaders of the future”.

Every young person running a stall will leave a winner as they will be taking their profit back to school with them.