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10 Essential Fitness Gadgets

ByDave Stopher

Jan 28, 2017

Whether you prefer hitting your fitness goals with a run or bike ride in the great outdoors or you’d rather hit the gym and make small, everyday changes, we could all do with a little help to get there. This handy list of gadgets will give your fitness regime a boost to keep you going and make it easier!

1) Citrus Zinger Sport – £16 from Root7

When you’re on the go you need to keep hydrated, say goodbye to picking up a sugary drink on your way to the gym. The Citrus Zinger Sport infuses water with natural fruit to keep you hydrated in a healthy way. This handy bottle also comes with a straw and easy carry finger hole, your perfect companion at the gym or during a run!




2) SunnyCam Active – £119.99 from SunnyCam

If you’re looking for a bit of fun while keeping fit, the SunnyCam Active allows you to record through professional and stylish eyewear. Using HD camera technology, you can record life as you see it! The camera is built in-between the eyes and features a wide perspective inside a slimline frame. See something amazing while hiking or mountain biking? Make sure you have it recorded to watch again and again!



3) Boost Oxygen – £10.50-£17.99 from Boost Oxygen

Boosting athletic performance and increasing endurance and strength, Boost Oxygen is a must-have for anyone wanting to raise their game. This handy portable can contains 95% pure oxygen to not only increase your performance naturally, but also aid faster recovery times afterwards. The peppermint aroma also reduces fatigue and increases focus through 100% natural essential oils within the aroma.


5) Noke Smart Bluetooth Padlock – £59.99 from The Fowndry

Locking up your bike, expensive gym equipment or valuables while on the go can often be tricky, so the Noke padlock is here to help. This innovative product is controlled by an app on your phone via Bluetooth, with the ability to control multiple locks from 1 app. You can share access with friends, monitor where, when and who opens the lock for total peace of mind. Weather resistant with a steel and boron hardened shackle, this smart bluestooth padlock is the future for safety.

5) SwiftyONE MK3 – £599 From SwiftyScooters

If you don’t have time to venture to the gym, why not keep healthy on your daily commute or trip to the shop? The SwiftyONE is a foldable adult scooter, with a lightweight frame, comfort and stability for everyday use. The scooter can be folded in as little as 5 seconds, making it easy to store at home or at work and is available in vibrant colours such as orange and black or blue and classic colours such as black.

6) Stojo Collapsible Cup- £14.99 from The Fowndry

If you often use travel mugs, whether it’s on your way to the office or to accompany a flask on a long walk, why not give this collapsible cup a try! This ingenious compact travel mug collapses so small it can fit in your pocket and be taken out the next time you crave a hot beverage! Available in blue, green and red, you can easily take this cup anywhere with you to make sure you stay healthy and hydrated through the day.


7) Siva Atom Bike Mounted Generator – £109.99 from The Fowndry

Create electricity while you keep fit, what more could you ask for? This eco-friendly gadget uses your pedal power to charge any USB device, whether it’s your phone or just a power bank for later use. The lightweight generator easily attaches to your bike rear wheel and safely charges on the go. Get the most of a commute to work or fun filled bike ride and never get caught out with a dead phone or bike light!

8) Varidesk Pro 30 – £295 from Varidesk

Sitting in the office all day does nothing for your health, but what if you could easily lose 50 calories an hour by standing? Simply switch your regular office desk for the Pro 30 standing desk and try to stand between 2-4 hours a day. By the end of the week you could lose 1,000 calories as well as improve your circulation, and you haven’t even left the office!

9) FLECTR Bike Wheel Reflectors- £17.99 from The Fowndry

Keeping fit and healthy also means keeping safe! With dark evenings and mornings, working your regular bike ride around work, means stepping out into the darkness. Add these lightweight, elegant reflectors to your bike and stand out in the dark. Made from the same material used by the emergency services, these state of the art, super thin reflectors are a must have for any bike lover.

10) SmartHalo – £169.95 from The Fowndry

Say hello to the elegant SmartHalo that instantly transforms your bike into a smart bike. With a circle of light between your handlebars this innovate gadget offers GPS navigation by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth. Offering visual GPS feedback, alerts for incoming calls and texts, along with anti-theft features, there’s no need to get lost while cycling. It’s a must-have tech addition that makes keeping fit that bit easier!

Whether you chose to make small changes at; work, during your regular commutes or at the gym, these top 10 gadgets will definitely make an impact. Keeping fit and healthy couldn’t be easier!