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North East Connected

Hopping Across The North East From Hub To Hub


Sports have always been an essential part of life for people in the north-east region of England. This region has a deep-rooted sporting culture with football at its heart. The North East of England is home to two of the biggest football clubs in England, Newcastle United, and Sunderland AFC. The fans of these clubs display an extraordinary level of passion and loyalty towards their teams, and their matches are always a lively spectacle. Apart from football, sports like rugby, cricket, and athletics are also famous in the region. Durham County Cricket Club is a significant team in the county, and they have achieved success in winning several titles. The North East also has a strong tradition in the sport of Rugby, with Newcastle Falcons and Darlington Mowden Park being two renowned teams. Overall, It’s clear that sports play a significant role in the life of the people in the north-east of England. The passion and excitement surrounding these sports help to bring the community together and create a strong sense of pride in the region.
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