An award-winning creative marketing agency has announced a new dedicated online marketing service area as a result of increasing client demand and new business wins.

r//evolution marketing – the r//esults agency based in the Northern Design Centre, Gateshead – has established a dedicated online marketing service focussing on boosting search performance and conversion rates for its client base, from transactional purchases and lead generation to customer sign up.

The agency’s new dedicated online marketing offering will be headed up by Rebecca Gregory, who joined the company in September 2015. Rebecca and her team will work on a range of exciting national and regional brand campaigns, creating innovative digital solutions across a wide range of sectors.

With the percentage of women in IT currently less than 20%, Rebecca’s new role puts her in the minority in her industry.

Commenting on the new offering, Digital Director of r//evolution, Adam Blenkinsop, said: “Rebecca has been providing online marketing services to our clients since she joined the company and is a real talent, so it was a natural transition for her to lead the online marketing service area. We have worked closely with Rebecca to further develop her skill set and our clients are already seeing great results.”

Talking about her new role, Rebecca, said: “I’m thrilled to have been given the opportunity to head up the online marketing team here at r//evolution. While the digital landscape tends to be dominated by men there are a number of very strong female role models progressing careers within the technology sector. I feel that the establishment of the dedicated online marketing service area and development of my role is testament to the forward-thinking and innovative nature of r//evolution – we want our clients to have the very best service from industry experts.”

“Our clients are already seeing positive results from a strategic online marketing approach, with growth in website traffic, success across social media channels and increased sales as a result of online marketing campaigns.”

Talking about the new offering, Adam Blenkinsop, continued: “Online marketing is an increasingly important part of the the marketing mix. By providing a dedicated team, we’re  better positioned to identify opportunities for our clients, helping them to achieve real business benefits such as increased lead generation and purchases through search engine optimisation, online advertising, paid search and conversion rate optimisation.

“This is a fantastic development for us as we continue to grow the business. We’ve already secured several major new client contracts this year so it’s an exciting time for r//evolution.”

Established in 2003, by MD Gill Burgess, r//evolution is committed to delivering an exceptional service for clients; utilising the skills of industry experts to produce top-quality, award-winning work.

The company offers innovative full service solutions for companies wishing to make ‘r//evolutionary’ changes within their business.

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