Everyone has their favourite way to relax after a long, stressful day. Maybe they are a hobbyist who paints miniature figurines, or they love to practice a bit of yoga to de-stress, or perhaps immerse themselves in their favourite game for a few hours.

Regardless of how you decompress, having the perfect relax room makes doing a favourite past-time that much more enjoyable, especially for people living with family, roommates, or friends who desperately need to escape to a safe haven. You may be wondering how do you create a gaming room or the perfect hobby room?

Consider the Theme

Before going ahead and splashing bright red paint on the walls, anyone looking to decorate should consider their desired theme. Granted, most of us are not interior designers. But, there is no need to be one or employ one to get a stunning relax room.

Here are a few ways to decide on a theme:

  • Create a Pinterest Board.
  • Take a look at the interior displays at the local home department store.
  • Make a montage or mood board from interior design magazine cuttings.

Make a Budget

Everyone’s budget is going to be different. Whether the budget is large or small, there are still many things that one can do to create a relax room. What’s important is to create a budget and stick to it. The relax room isn’t going to be relaxing when the bills go unpaid.

Paint the Walls

The theme is decided and the budget mapped out. The next step is decorating the walls. Depending on how much freedom a person has, they can either paint the walls or hang up art and posters. Or do both.

If you’re painting the space, then the whole room will need to be protected from the paint. Paint has an amazing way of getting everywhere. Be sure to cover the floors, move the furniture out of the room, and mask the skirting, the roof, and any permanent fixtures that don’t need to be painted.

Dress the Walls

The next step is to dress the walls with appropriate decoration. What decoration goes up on the walls depends on the theme of the room and personal preference. Perhaps some vintage posters of an original video game, a painting, or some framed photographs?

Lighting is Key

It’s truly amazing what good lighting can do. Both natural and artificial light can set the mood in a relax room, hobby room, or home gaming room. Lighting ranks as the top thing to change to transform a room instantly.


Kate Richards is not only a public relations guru, but also excels at event planning, and she loves the LED strip lighting trend. Strip lights create a futuristic space-ship look that perfectly aligns with the modern game and computer designs of today. Some lights can even change colours, which can be a nice lighting effect in your relax room.

Map Out the Electronics

We live in the age of electronics. With a cable for almost everything nowadays, it’s necessary to map out where everything will be plugged in beforehand. This planning avoids ruining the hobby room aesthetic later on. 

Finding handy solutions to hide cables will keep everyone safe from tripping.

Invest in Furniture

It’s not necessary to go overboard on furniture. One or two key pieces can act as the focal point of the room. Perhaps a desk and gaming chair for a home gaming room, or a small altar table for a yoga room.


Repurposing old pieces of furniture is eco-friendly and easy on the wallet. Painting old furniture bold colours, and re-covering upholstery with new fabric swatches is not as hard as it seems. 

Depending on the project, there are plenty of online DIY tutorials available to guide the most inexperienced among us though upcycling our old furniture.

Select the Soft Furnishings

Now that the main elements are in place, the decorating can begin. Favourite action figurines, a buddha statue, or a few throw cushions, candles and an incense burner can set the mood in a home gaming room or relax room. Again, personal preference plays a major role.

Sit Back and Enjoy

Now that you’ve done all the hard work, you can get down to enjoying a yoga session or playing your favourite casino game at a great online casino. Palace of Chance offers all the relaxing, fun casino games of which you could wish. For more, you can read our Palace of Chance review here.

All that’s needed is to grab a favourite beverage. Then, sit back, relax, and enjoy the new hobby room and all the activities you love the most.


Creating a haven to enjoy a favourite hobby doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. We hope our tips have offered a few ideas on how to make your hobby room a reality.