The Perth Racing Carnival 2020 occurs in Perth, Western Australia at the Ascot Racecourse. Ascot Racecourse is set aside to host the racing summer events. The races that take place during the summer season are very popular and are not only attended by Australians but also people from all walks of the world. Summer Racing Carnival events start November and run till early January. The most crucial and popular Perth races take place during the summer season, reason being summer holiday is the longest holiday; hence putting into consideration the anticipated visitors availability. The Summer Racing Carnival 2020 held in Perth will comprise the following races:

Railway Stakes

Railway Stakes day for 2020 is on 21st November at the famous Ascot Racecourse. The participants of the race are Group 1 thoroughbred horses whose weight matches with their age and the distance to be covered is 1600m. The winner goes home with a lump sum of one million dollar and joins competitors of Kingston Town Classic. Most Horses taking part in this race are winners of Group 2 Lee Steere Stakes covering a distance of 1400m. The 2020 Railway Stakes Nominations include the first eighty one entries having six for previous year winning stables led by the all-in favorite in the betting Inspirational Girl.

Winterbottom Stakes

The Winterbottom Stakes involves Group 1 thoroughbred horses with the required weight for their age. The 2020 Winterbottom Stakes is planned to be held on 28th November 2020. The race’s champion will go home with one million dollar on completing twelve hundred metres. The race is the second race for the summer 2020 races and is held a week after Railway States, and one week before Kingdom Town Classic. Many horses taking part in this race are conquerors of Group 2 Lee Steere Stakes and Group 3 Colonel Reeves Stakes.

Kingston Town Classic

This race consists of Group 1 thoroughbred horses whose weight is the right one for their age. The 2020 Kingston Town Classic is scheduled to take place on 5th December 2020. The race covers a distance of 1800 metres and the winner goes home with one million dollars. The race brings together participants from both local and interstate. Most horses to take part of this race are winners of Group 2 Lee Steere Stakes, Group 2 WA Guineans, and Group 1 Railways Stakes. Winners of this race are mostly above average and usually proceed to Group 2 CB Cox Stakes competitions.

Perth Cup

The summer race always happens early January and for 2020, took place on 4th January 2020. It is a Group 2 open handicap race and 2020 participants covered a distance of 2400 metres. The champion for the 2020 race was Mississippi Delta originating from Missile Launch. The winner took home a sum of five hundred thousand dollars. This type of race is the first major Australia’s race held every year since it was launched in 1887. The most participants are the ones who ran and won the Group 2 CB Cox Stakes race. 

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