Everyone has jewelry that they don’t use or want but instead keeps them as an asset. Yet, sometimes liquifying them in exchange for cash is an attractive proposition. You could better use that money for other things like paying off debt, making home repairs or going on that dream vacation. 

The important thing is to know where and to whom to sell your jewelry to avoid getting scammed. That’s where we come in; here are our top 4 suggestions for places to sell your jewelry.

  1. Sell in person

Selling your jewelry in person is an option that a lot of people prefer because it gives them more control over the transaction with different options. You can try visiting a pawnshop, a jeweler, or a consignment store, but a jeweler would probably give you the highest price of the three. You’ll want a reputable store that welcomes the selling of gold, silver, and diamonds. According to the professional buyers from https://crowngoldexchange.com/visit-crown-gold-exchange-to-get-the-money-you-need-today/, if you want to sell gold, it’s important to know the best time to sell because its prices fluctuate. It’s also crucial to have your jewelry appraised in front of you by trustworthy individuals or companies.

  1. Online

Some sites buy nearly any item in return for cash. While these types of sites do have the benefit of being very convenient, they also have some drawbacks; mainly that it is easier to get scammed online. There are a lot of complaints about various situations such as people not paying for a gold item sold, refusing to return the piece if you reject their offer, and so on. Another word of advice; don’t accept the first offer that comes your way because the offers can vary widely. Also, always read the terms and conditions of a site and send the jewelry through a method that gives you a written guarantee that the item has been delivered and received.

  1. Auctions

Auctions exist both online and offline. If you’ve ever sold anything in an auction, you’ll know that people are looking to auctions to buy something special. For online auctions, you are probably also aware that people want to buy at a low price. You can get into squabbles and arguments with online bidders who do not want to give you a fair price or want to return the item. Unfortunately, they can alter your piece of jewelry in the process by replacing the real stone with a fake one. It would be safer to auction jewelry in a physical store, where you might also get a much higher price.

  1. The Classifieds

Classified ads and lists are other popular choices. They’re convenient because they are based on the assumption that the buyer will be near your location, so you can easily meet up. However, you also won’t have any idea who the buyer is, which isn’t always a safe procedure. Always make sure, if you’re going for the classifieds, to make your transaction in a public and crowded place.

Each place you can sell jewelry has its pros and cons; in terms of safety, convenience, and the price offered. You could be sitting on a lot of cash that you didn’t know you have. When you choose the right avenue to sell your jewelry everyone comes out a winner.