Gamblers usually look for two things before registering on an online casino: the amount of signup bonus the site provides and the type of games it offers. But online casinos offer so much more than signup bonuses. They attract the attention of gamblers with a variety of bonuses so that they feel more enthusiastic about signing up. Here are some of the types of bonuses you can expect from an online casino:

1. Deposit bonus

This is the offer that attracts gamblers the most. The online casino provides you with playing funds the moment you make your first deposit. For example, the site may provide a 100% deposit bonus of up to £50. This means if you deposit £50, you will earn £50 as a bonus from the casino. However, you won’t get a penny more if you deposit more than £50. Therefore, if you deposit £100, you still get £50 as your deposit bonus.

Deposit bonuses usually come with an expiry date. For example, you can use your deposit bonus within the first 45 days of registering on the casino.

2. Free spins

This is specifically for slot games. There are three types of free spins available: deposit and get free spins, no deposit free spins, and bet to get free spins.

  • Deposit and get free spins mean you need to make a small deposit to earn multiple free spins. For example, deposit £5 and win 10 free spins.
  • No deposit free spins are usually applicable for multiple games. It becomes available after every 24 hours. The online casino has a spinning wheel that you need to turn. This wheel consists of various prizes, such as cash bonuses, free spins on slot games, promo codes for upcoming games, and many more.
  • Finally, bet to get free spins mean you need to bet a minimum amount to unlock several free spins. For example, if you bet £20 on a specific slot game, you get 50 free spins for that game.

3. Referral bonuses

A casino website will want new players to register. And one of the best ways to make that happen is to start a referral bonus program so that existing players can recommend the site to their friends, relatives, and colleagues. Many casino sites provide promo codes in exchange for new players. For example, you may receive promo codes for William Hills if you recommend their platform to your friend. Your friend needs to register on the site with a unique referral. Only then will you receive the promo code.

4. Welcome bonuses

This is probably the reason why many new players sign up on a casino site. The more the welcome bonus, the more players the site attracts. From cash bonuses to free spins, different sites may offer different types of welcome bonuses. It is wise to compare the welcome bonuses of a few online casinos before registering on one of them.

Now that you know the different types of bonuses to expect, which one do you think is more beneficial for your playing style? Whichever it may be, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of the bonuses before using them.