Constructing or buying a new home can be exciting and challenging at the same time. You could easily be carried away with the excitement of owning a new home and forget to make some crucial decisions that might have some impacts later. Hence, it is always vital to contract a licensed home inspector to conduct a home inspection as soon as possible. The home inspection is an integral part of the home buying process as it ensures that you have a detailed look at your new house. This enables you to identify the potential pitfalls of the new house.

Here are five advantages of having a licensed home inspector before buying your new house:

Home Inspection Saves You Money

Seeking the services of a licensed home inspector could be quite costly at the initial stages. However, skipping this homebuying process could turn out to be more expensive in a few years. Imagine having to rewire your entire house just a few years after buying it. A home inspection enables you to identify the hidden minor problems that might later be costly to repair. Therefore, it is highly advisable to have your new home inspected by Melbourne Building Inspections as they have highly trained and skilled home inspectors.

Allows You to Renegotiate

Having your new house inspected by a licensed home inspector gives you the power to renegotiate your house’s price based on the inspection outcome. Through the inspection, you will have a detailed report on the house’s conditions, including its structural components. Through the reports, you know your new house’s structural issues and the standards of the materials used. If your home is not up to standards, you might consider renegotiating the price, maybe something lower than the already agreed price. Besides, having concrete facts about the new house’s condition and quality will increase your bargaining power.

Enables You Understand Your New Home’s Current Condition

New houses might have minor issues that you can only be noted by a licensed home inspector. Licensed home inspectors usually have a list of various items that they need to inspect during the home inspection process. Even though you might be able to notice issues such as poor drainage, damaged ceilings or walls, broken windows, among others, your home inspector will help you understand the current condition of the house. This includes the conditions of various mechanical systems, ventilation, and house’s insulation. The licensed home inspector will conduct various tests on the house water heater, toilets, drains, showers, and air conditioners to determine their effectiveness.

The Report Helps You Plan for Future Replacements and Repairs

A licensed home inspector offers detailed information concerning your house exterior ranging from lighting, gutters, roof, siding, and downspouts. Besides, he/she will check the condition of your garage, balconies, sidewalks, and fences. After the inspection, the home inspector will advise you on the life span of your roof, gutters, and when to do future repairs. The inspector will also advise on the minor and maintenance that needs to be done on your house’s exterior. However, if you have other concerns about the house’s condition, you need to mention them to your home inspector.

Helps You Feel Confident

Having your home inspected by a licensed home inspector makes you feel confident about your purchase by eliminating your remorse. Buying a new house is a big step for any person. Therefore, it is always essential to have the house evaluated first before signing the contract. Besides, identifying the minor problems and having them repaired first before buying the house gives you peace of mind. So, before buying a new house, always ensure that you have it inspected by a licensed home inspector.

Licensed home inspectors have a standardized format for delivering results of the home inspection. Through the results, you will be able to identify the various defects that need repairs. Home inspections can help you as a buyer avoid surprises in the future. A new house might look perfect. However, it might have various hidden defects that can only be identified through inspection by a highly trained and skilled home inspector. The informed decisions made by qualified home inspectors will be of help to you now and in the future.


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