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The 5 Biggest Benefits of Managed Services


May 20, 2017

It’s unsurprising that managed services are proving popular with businesses across the world. This is because you will be able to outsource all your vital hosting services to a hosting provider, so you can focus solely on the smooth running of a business.

Want to learn more? We are detailing the five biggest benefits of managed services so that you can make an informed choice.

  1. Take Control of IT Expenditure

As all your hosting solutions will be provided by one hosting provider, you can purchase a fixed hosting plan, which will help to successfully budget your business operations. What’s more, you only pay for what you need, so you can scale a plan up or down to suit your company’s requirements.

So, instead of attempting to manage all your IT services in-house, you can turn your attentions to your business operations, which can improve company productivity and reduce overheads.

  1. Successfully Compete in Your Industry

Unfortunately, many small companies struggle to compete with larger, more established businesses, who have extensive in-house support services to power their company. Fortunately, outsourcing managed services, such as a dedicated server, firewalls and monitoring, can help to level the playing field. You can, therefore, enjoy the technologies and extensive knowledge larger rivals enjoy, but without the expensive price tag. Therefore, it can grant your business with a competitive advantage.

  1. PCI Compliance

Every business has a responsibility to secure customer, employee and client data. You should, therefore, contact a hosting provider who offers PCI compliance as part of their managed services, such as Umbee Hosting. As a result, you will effectively reduce any security risks when managing customer data, sensitive internal information, credit card information and more. A few of the managed services you can use to improve your data security include a managed firewall, a dedicated server, antivirus, monitoring and a managed backup.

  1. No Additional Labour Costs

In-house IT staff can be costly, and not all employees are as good as they look on paper. Also, if you lack IT training, how will you be confident an employee has also received the appropriate training and experience to manage a VPS server or more? That’s why it can be beneficial to outsource managed services, so you can focus on hiring staff in other areas of the business, which will improve your business growth.

  1. Improve Business Security

One of the biggest threats to any business right now is cybercrime. It is vital a company has the appropriate protections in place, so their infrastructure, data and finances do not become vulnerable to a harmful virus. For instance, ransomware can take over a company’s infrastructure to demand money before relinquishing control – and the ransom will not be cheap! Managed services will heighten business security, with monitoring, managed backups, managed firewalls and an antivirus.

So, if you want to maintain your online security, adhere to PCI compliance, reduce your overheads and compete in your industry; it would wise to consider managed services from a respected hosting provider.

By Emily