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5 Modern Chandeliers That Light Up the Interiors Like a Million Bucks

ByDave Stopher

Nov 24, 2021

Chandeliers are a medium to induce more ambient light into space. They have been encompassing for generations. Where in the early times, glass and candle chandeliers were used to lighten up the places. 

A representative of royalty then, the chandeliers are a fun element in most of the decor places. They have come a long way from being made solely of glass and some crystal to being cast with variation and creativity. With the increasing number of options choosing the right one has also toughened. 

But to ease your pain, we have jotted down five of the modernist chandeliers.

  • The Light Studio Golden Finish 5 Light Ceiling Chandelier
  • It is the most fashionable chandelier that adds a scent of elegance to your place
  • The construction is a combination of glass and metal.
  • The chandelier can operate on up to a height of 60 W with the assistance of five E27 type bulbs. 
  • It is an enticing accessory to an array of spaces.

  • Archaic Metal Chandelier with 5 Lamp 
  • It is a traditional jhoomar fashion beautifying chandelier that adds character and grace to space.
  • The chandelier is composed of glass and brass.
  • You can customize the chandelier’s projecting height as per the necessities.
  • It is an ideal choice for the areas where you want to add a hint of warmth and character.

  • Imperial Designer Lighting Wrought Iron Chandelier 
  • It is a rustic chandelier with a golden black archaic finish that aids in hoisting up the space’s decor.
  • It is manufactured using glass and metal.
  • The accessory is built of high quality and certified electrical elements to warrant a long-lasting performance.
  • The chandelier can be lit up with the sides of B22 bulbs.
  • The chandelier serves well in most places, but especially in areas where the style of the decor is rustic or archaic or to form a contrast in a modern space. You can learn from this.


  • Fancy Crystal Glass Chandelier 
  • It is a well-bred chandelier that will bestow the place it is installed with elegance.
  • This fixture, composed of stainless steel plate, glass clear K9 octagonal quartz, and high-quality string.
  • Six warm white lights ignite the chandelier up. The design of crystals assists in conferring a lovely ambiance to the place.
  • It is perfect for lighting up dining spaces, living spaces, hallways, reception, entrance hall, party lounges, etc.

  •  36 Lights Sputnik Firefly Chandelier 
  • It is a modern chandelier that adds panache to the space installed.
  • You can easily customize the suspended height of the chandelier as per your need. 
  • The chandelier bestows ambient lighting with the aid of 36 LED G4 warm white bulbs.
  • It can be employed to light up the areas like pantry, dining place, living room, foyer, reception, etc., to produce a pleasant and cordial ambiance.

The decision of chandeliers highly depends on the personal taste of the buyer. However, one should keep in mind the chandelier’s material, wattage, and height and width while buying.