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7 Cheap Ways to Travel Across Europe

Europe continues to be a favoured destination for many world travellers – from the newbies to the returnees. If you’ve been fortunate to have visited this region, it is easy to understand why. It is a fantastic blend of cultures with its rich history indicative by impressive gothic architecture, quaint squares and courtyards and colourful cobble-street cities.

Everywhere you turn, you will find many English speaking stylist residents who are laid back, generally friendly and welcoming. But the continent is not necessarily the cheapest getaway (if you reside outside of it of course). Here are 7 easy ways to plan a future Euro trip, or “How to Get Away with(out bank account) Murder.”

  1. When is the best time to travel to Europe?

Don’t travel to Europe in the summer if you can avoid it. This is the worst time to visit Europe. Prices are at their highest, everything is booked up, the cities are uncomfortably crowded and all of the locals are on holidays. Travel off-season instead for a more local experience. In winter, hotels can be discounted by up to 40% so you can get a great deal.

Travelling during the winter is not as comfortable as travelling during the summer. So it just depends on which factor is more important to you. If you want to save money, buy a winter coat and brave the cold. With a positive attitude, Europe is still gorgeous during the offseason, so don’t let the weather prevent you from going.

Many countries become almost magical in the wintertime anyway. Think of skiing in the Alps, visiting Christmas markets in Germany, Austria, or Denmark, dog-sledging in Scandinavia, or visiting snowy villages in Transylvania. During the summer season, you can travel to Barcelona, ​​Santorini, Budapest, Rome While spring is a good way for  travel to Amsterdam, for example. The city of flowers, canals and sins as people call it, and you can read more about it here https://avidvoyagers.com/.

There is truly never a bad time to travel to Europe, so research the flights that fit your budget best and make the most of your time.

  1. Research the cheapest ways to travel around Europe

With a little bit of web-surfing and research, you can easily find incredibly cheap flights to Europe. Just be flexible and open-minded when planning flights. With a bit of creativity, you’d be surprised at how cheap you can fly into Europe.

Many people think that taking trains all over Europe is very cheap, but that’s often not the case. Whenever you plan on moving to a new destination, consider all transport options. Sometimes it’s even cheaper to fly between countries than it is to take a train.

Europe is packed with cheap, budget airlines, like RyanAir, EasyJet, and Norwegian. Budget airlines often charge lots of money for baggage, however, since their flight prices are so low. So these airlines are best if you are only travelling with carry-on.

Travelling by bus is another cheap option for travelling in Europe. FlixBus, MegaBus, and OuiBus are three reliable and affordable bus companies that travel to various destinations. For example, you can take MegaBus from London to Amsterdam or Brussels for only $20 USD, and OuiBus from London to Paris for a similar price.

The only downside of bus travel is that it takes longer than a train or plane. But if you have the time to spare, bus travel is often one of the cheapest options.

Train travel is incredibly popular in Europe, though its affordability differs from country to country. In the UK and western Europe, trains tend to be much more expensive than buses. But in eastern and southern Europe, trains can actually be very cheap.

Just be sure to consider all your travel options before hopping around Europe, and your wallet will thank you.

  1. Walk whenever possible

If your destination is close enough to walk to, always walk. You get good exercise, you have more time to soak in the details of the world around you, and you don’t need to spend any money.

Exploring a foreign city on foot is magical, though if you do need to pay for travel, try and take public transport rather than a taxi. Riding the local bus or tram is always cheaper than a taxi, and you can still interact with locals while you travel.

  1. Choose cheap or free attractions

Touristy cities are full of attractions that cost money, sometimes too much money. Don’t feel like you have to participate in every activity your guidebook recommends.

If an attraction genuinely sparks interest in you, definitely do it and know your money will be worth it. But don’t pay to enter a museum or a gallery just because you feel like you should.

Always look up “Free Things To Do In…” to get some ideas on what to do for little money in a foreign country. Many cities have beautiful parks that are free to roam and picnic in. Many cities also offer free walking tours, and you should take advantage of these.

  1. Research budget accommodation

As tempting as it can be to stay in a luxury hotel, staying in a hostel is much more cost-efficient. Europe is packed with budget hostels that cater to backpackers. You can find hostel dorm rooms for around $15 — USD 30 a night, and in cheaper cities in Eastern Europe hostels can cost under $10 a night.

  1. Visit more affordable European destinations

The cost of living in Europe varies in every direction, so be sure to research your destinations to ensure they fit your budget.

Generally speaking, things are more expensive as you move north or west. Scandinavia is notoriously expensive for food, accommodation, and attractions, as are cities like London and Paris. However, Portugal is cheaper than most of its western neighbours, and of course, you can find budget options in some of these more expensive places.

  1. Don’t stick strictly to the plan for your next destination

If you do not adhere strictly to the plan of the next destination you want to visit and the date if you do not have to. It is not excluded that you will be waiting for a combination in place for months. Our advice is that if you have the time and money to travel frequently, whenever there is a good opportunity, not sit and wait until the intended destination is reached. The beauty of travel is more in the way than in the destination.

Just travel, look for no excuses, unless you love to travel, and then find something that makes you happy and enjoy it. Have a nice trip!

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