Your mental health is the most important thing that you have, and you must cherish it and nurture it. If you allow your mental health to fall into disarray, then it is very likely the rest of your life will follow suit. If you suffer from the pangs of mental illness, then you will already know how torturous and damaging it can be. Those who are fortunate enough to have their mental health intact must still put safeguarding measures in place to ensure their stress does not spiral into something much more sinister and life-changing.

Looking after your mental health is imperative to a good quality of life and a happy one. Here are seven innovative ways for you to look after your mental health.

A Therapet

Therapets can be a great ally in the fight against mental health. If you have looked elsewhere in the past and failed to find a solution for your mental illness, then deciding to click here is perhaps the best thing you could do. Therapets are dogs that are used as a substitute for a therapist. They are often delivered to your home and you can play with them and speak to them. It has been proven scientifically that petting a friendly dog releases so-called good hormones, such as prolactin, oxytocin, serotonin, and can also reduce your blood pressure by up to ten percent.


When you feel stressed out, a little bit of exercise can go a long way. Exercise can release good endorphins into your system and help you to feel better. It can be difficult to motivate yourself to exercise when you are feeling down in the dumps, but if you can force yourself to get started, you will instantly feel better.

Many people go to spin classes to relieve stress, other’s yoga. It is best to go to group exercise classes, as motivating yourself to exercise alone when you feel down can be difficult. You can likely find a full list of group exercise classes at your local town hall and some will even specifically cater to the mentally ill.


There are an infinite number of testimonials from those who formerly suffered mental illness, who have been cured by meditation. Meditation is a spiritual and introspective practice that can be traced back to ancient India. It is practiced across the world and is an important part of many Eastern religions. Some of those religions are Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, and Taoism. 

If you have been suffering from mental illness and have been unable to find a cure, then consider introspective meditation. You do not have to become a member of these religious sects to practice meditation, as anyone can do it.


Cooking is an age-old method of reducing the symptoms of mental illness. People around the globe are unknowingly treating their mental health problems with cooking. It is therapeutic and can release feel-good endorphins. If you have been suffering from longstanding mental illness, then you should consider learning to cook and cooking regularly.

Cooking is a lot of fun and very versatile, and enables you to be in Tokyo one night, and Paris the next. Consider picking up some cookery books or watching some online tutorials and try it out. You will begin to see the benefits straight away and will have a brand-new hobby to occupy your time.

Join a Therapy Class

If you are having no luck in fighting your mental illness, then consider joining a therapy class. It will allow you to make new friends and discuss your mental illness openly with a group of likeminded adults, and you need not worry about being judged.

Read More Often

Reading is seldom popular with the younger generation. Rather than reading books, they watch television and stare at screens all of the time. Reading can boost your mental health and make you feel much happier; it enables you to lose yourself for a few hours and enter into a fantasy land where anything is possible. Find a subject that interests you and pop on down to your local library to grab some books!

Change Your Diet

A poor diet is a significant factor in poor mental health. If you have been unable to deliver yourself from the misery of mental illness through any of the aforementioned channels, then potentially try to alter your diet. Your diet can be very damaging to your mental health and unbeknownst to you could be the catalyst for a lot of problems.

Now you know a few innovative ways to improve your mental health. The most important thing to do, however, above all of these, is to see a doctor. If you are suffering, do not suffer in silence. Mental health problems are treatable and you must seek help.