Did you know that over 91 million people play Minecraft every month?

Minecraft is a fulfilling single-player experience, but its multiplayer mode offers more. But without prior knowledge of where to go, you might end up picking the wrong Minecraft server types. It’s especially when their objectives are a complete 180 of your own.

Don’t give up yet.

With this guide, you’ll learn about the best Minecraft server types around. That way, you’ll know which ones to look out for. Read on and find out more:

  1. Survival or PvE (Player Versus Environment)

This is the type of server closest to the original intent of the Minecraft gaming experience. The only difference between the single-player offline version of the game is that this server has other players populating it too. Most survival servers will disable PvP (player versus player) and griefing.

Most servers of this type use the vanilla version of Minecraft. That’s why people playing in these servers actively discourage griefing. If you want a safe environment to survive Minecraft’s horrors, this server is for you.

  1. Creative

This is the best Minecraft Servers type if you want to build your Minecraft designs without worrying about other players and other hostile mobs. In this server, everyone has access to unlimited blocks.

That means you need not worry about the hills, mountains, and other biomes. Your focus here is to showcase your creations to everyone. It’s perfect if you’re all about Minecraft builds and pixel art.

  1. Roleplay

This type of Minecraft server encourages everyone to act using their specified roles. For example, everyone can roleplay as an order of knights tasked with a holy quest to kill the Ender Dragon. Within that case, some people can also roleplay supporting roles like blacksmiths, farmers, and livestock breeders.

As the server progresses, everyone must play their roles accordingly. If you picked the blacksmith role, you must not grow crops because that’s the farmer’s role. It’s a fun server if you’re looking for something similar to Dungeons and Dragons experience.

  1. PvP (Player Versus Player)

In these servers, the rules encourage players to put their fighting skills against one another. It means having good survival skills since your usual spawn areas sometimes get targeted by players. They set up camp on these locations and rush any player appearing in these areas.

In most cases, these servers won’t allow you to grief or steal. Some servers even offer diamond equipment to neophytes so they need not wait for a chance to taste the glory of fighting. The best ones around have means of protecting you from losing items when you die.

  1. Hardcore PvP

If you find normal PvP servers too tame for your liking, this server might be the answer. As its name suggests, the game offers a hardcore experience. It offers the standard PvP experience, but it holds no bars, meaning griefing and stealing from other players are okay.

This server tests the limits of your fighting and self-protection capabilities. The latter focuses on ensuring that you won’t lose your equipment. It’s a tough server to play on, but it’s rewarding if you thrive in adversity.

Are looking to host a Minecraft server? If so, click the linked article and find out how to get the best experience using a server host.

  1. Prison Servers

This server type is a new concept to the world of Minecraft servers. Within this server, players have various methods of moving up the ranks. To do this, you must earn enough server currency.

In most Minecraft servers using the Prison gameplay, you get freedom once you move up enough ranks. The server often defines the methods of acquiring these within their websites.

  1. Minecraft Faction Servers

These are group servers that give lots of entertainment value for a wide variety of players. At its core, two or more opposing Factions are in an all-out war with one another. To get the highest likelihood of success, teams must unite their faction members.

The server encourages stealing and griefing to everyone’s content. Planning a raid on an opposing faction’s town is fun and engaging. Once you divide the spoils of war, it’s rewarding because everyone contributed to the victory.

Faction servers are the best play to develop long-lasting bonds with other people. It’s also an ideal place for future leaders to practice their skills. Take note, communication skills are important components of the core leadership function.

  1. Challenge

As its name implies, a Minecraft Challenge server makes ordeals for players to overcome with skills and ingenuity. The challenges depend on the server you join. It can range from something as simple as making a deep underwater base or finishing a difficult parkour obstacle course.

The server administrator defines the specifics of the challenges. Regardless, it presents a real test for any type of Minecraft player. For example, Stick Tower is a parkour map that pushes your skills to the limit as you climb this 250-block high tower while collecting 11 sticks during your progress.

Honorable Mention: The Hunger Games Server Types

This server uses the hit Hollywood film starring Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen. This server uses the same format to make a particular playstyle across the server. It means everyone involved in the server must fight to the death within a large format map, with players spread across various areas.

Players must then hunt each other until one emerges as the victor. If you’re willing to make donations, you get pre-designed kits as a reward. That way, you get an edge over other competitors.

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These are common Minecraft server types around. There are a few other types out there you can explore. But in most cases, these servers are enough for the average Minecraft player.

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