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9 Things About Wheelchair Your Kids Want You To Know

Wheelchair nowadays is the most commonly used device for disabled people. It gives support and provides flexibility to move. A wide range of wheelchairs is been introduced and people are often using them. 

When it comes to disabled child parents are very much concerned about the health and privacy issues of their child. Especially when its a matter of a handicapped person or a child they need special care. 

Some children are afraid to talk to their parents just because they are conscious and confused about there disabilities and insecurities. 

1. Insecurities Of a Wheelchair 

Kids do not share everything with anyone and sometimes with there own parents. They have guilt that all the time they need help from their parents. 

When children see other kids playing outside and have fun they get dishearten and sometimes that they get offended and stop sharing their feelings with their parents. Disabled kids do not feel comfortable traveling in a wheelchair when they are in a public place.

2. Seating Adaptation for Special Children

Some children are fat some are thin. When it comes to seating adaptations parents must carefully consider the need of their children. Disable children want you to know about the problem they face on a daily bases. Parents need to help the kid with this problem. Make sure that the seats are perfectly designed for the size of a child.

3. Angle of a Body and Head 

When it comes to newborn disabled babies it must be noticed that the position of the head of a baby must be straightened because the head can suffer from a jerk which can create a problem in the recovery stage of a baby. Notice that the angle of a body and head should be managed properly or bu having a wheelchair with a belt is a better option to overcome this situation.

4. Special Cushions

Spending too much time in a wheelchair if difficult for disabled children. Special cushions are designed for better relaxation. By these cushions, children find themselves more relaxed. and easy. They can sit for so long with this cushion supports. Disabled children want their parents to know about there needs.

5. Body and Hip Guide

Parents must look carefully at how the child sits. While you make your child sit in a wheelchair mark the position where the guides should be placed. 

The body guide and the hip guide must be fitted in a wheelchair to avoid the mishap. With straps that pass through the spinal cord can also make a better grip and to help the body of disabled children.

6. Caster Cart (Wheel Board)

The child wants relaxation. A wheel board cart should be added so that the child can rock from one place to another by rolling the wheel of a cart. For travel over a rough ground place, the child will learn to balance the center wheel and hardly will touch with the other.

7. Fall Prevention 

When helping your child must notice that locks the brakes before your child gets out of the lightweight manual wheelchair. Do not allow your child to get over to react towards any object. Try to avoid sliding or positioning your kid forward to the seat. 

8. Maintenance

When it comes to your disabled child he or she wants you to know for their needs towards a wheelchair. Parents must take care of the servicing and maintenance of a wheelchair for the kids. Common parts to get serviced on regular bases are batteries, joystick, safety seat belts, armrest joints, and leg guards, etc. try to use safety measures while operating a wheelchair.

9. Outdoor Use

Take your child outside for relaxation but what child wanted to tell you is that avoid rocky surface and weather conditions. Sandy’s surface must be avoided because there is a chance of instability over that surface. When its rainy season parents should take an umbrella to avoid the wheelchair being exposed to rain. Avoid wet surfaces as it produces friction and there is a chance for a wheelchair to get slipped.

For your children safety always check the wheelchair brakes and electrical system when you are planning to go out. As these are the best precautionary measure for your children’s wheelchair.

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