There are many reasons why hiring a 3rd party tech company is better than hiring a permanent employee. Some think that hiring a 3rd party company is a risk for their company, but actually it is not considering that hiring a tech company offers your business with so many benefits.

If you own a company, it is necessary that you always choose the best options for business to succeed. If you are torn between hiring an employee or a 3rd party tech company, here are some of the benefits of choosing the latter,

Benefits Of Hiring A 3rd Party Tech Company

So, what made a third party tech company a better choice? Here are a few reasons why it is your best choice:

  • Cheaper

Yes, it is the cheaper option on many aspects:

  • They do not need a space in the office, nor additional equipment as they can do their work using their own equipment and station provided by their employer
  • They are not your permanent employee, hence there is no additional expenses on your payroll, like insurance, benefits, bonuses etc.
  • You do not need them, you do not hire them, unlike when you hire a permanent employee, whether you are using their service or not, you have to pay them in full
  • You do not need to pay them extra during holidays, as most of the time, services from a tech support company are fixed
  • They can handle different issues

Their company is made up of different tech experts, hence expect that whatever issues your company has, they can resolve it. If you hire an employee, his or her expertise may be limited, and if he/she does not know what to do on a specific issue, you are left without a choice but to get stuck, wait for him/her to figure out the next steps or worse, hire a third party tech specialist to resolve it.

A third party tech company like 911 PC Help, assures you that whatever problems you have, it can be resolved as their company is made up of pool of tech professionals with different specializations.

  • They are working at the best times of the day

When you hire a tech expert as a regular employee, they will work the same time as the rest of your employees work. Meaning, if they need to run a test or update the system, regular working hours will temporarily paused, and this could possibly result to delayed deliverables.

A 3rd party tech company will work at the best time, and won’t interrupt the usual business hours. Their schedule is round the clock, so with this, you have the power to choose as to when you would like them to perform tests or virus checks on your network and system.

  • You can aggressively demand for results

Since you are paying their service solely to avoid tech issues, you can aggressively demand for results when something wrong came up. You do not have to choose the words to use, in the event that they failed to execute according to what they are being paid for. But of course, the words you have to choose must still be respectful and professional.

  • Their service comes with a warranty

When something went wrong, you can demand for a warranty and let them pay all the expenses brought by the error committed. When you hire an employee and they made a huge mistake, the only reprimand you can do is firing them, and in the end, you still have to shoulder all the expenses because of the error that was committed.