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Amazon Web Service Course during Lockdown

ByDarshan Shah

May 14, 2022 #Business

Coronavirus was declared a pandemic and with no vaccine and strategy to follow to avoid people from getting infected, many countries moved to a complete Lockdown. WHO released its guidelines for public safety and asked to practice social distancing and for staying at home. With these guidelines and growing rate of cases, India followed the same and imposed a complete Lockdown.

As a result of this, from big to small companies all companies, law firms, different organisations were directed to switch to Work from Home and follow social distancing. While many offices like software company or IT companies has a database storage and cloud service, Law firms and other companies are still not used to such remote working.

Work from Home requires having all documents, data and other related information at one place and having an option to share it with the team to make working easy. For those with humungous data might be finding it difficult to manage as carrying/haring Hard disk or pen drive is not possible and even the drive is not free after 15GB storage and hence you require a Cloud Service which is easy and convenient such as Amazon web services.

What is Amazon web services (AWS) Training?

AWS is a cloud service from amazon offering wide range of service such as storage, network, remote access, message, compute, migration, helps in remote working, etc. In simple words, you can store your data at one place and use it as-and-when required. You will have a remote access of important documents and can easily work from home.

It is cost-effective which means you just have to pay for the amount of computing services you have used, reliable, flexible and easy-to-use.

AWS helping to fight COVID-19

While most of the office are working from home, it is not possible to get hard copies of document or scan documents to share with the team. With AWS, you IT resources is available in just one click and helps to maintain a quick and easy customer relationship. 

1. For those in Online service or e-commerce are able to channelize the work and are able to function in a flow and at the same time able to practice social distancing.

2. Remote working is possible because all the data is stored at one place. Customer details, documents, working strategy, etc

3. No issue of Privacy infringement. AWS helps to easily govern and manage the data and maintain secrecy

4. Most important is that during Lockdown sale and business has slowdown and transaction has reduced. So, you don’t have to pay for something that you have not used. AWS makes sure that you only pay for the computing services you have used.

With AWS remote working has become easy and effective. Your business is able to function even without going to office. We don’t know by when things would be back to normal and normal office routine will start and hence it is important to switch to AWS, if you haven’t done yet.

For those office that do not have an AWS expert should promote people to do Online course or learn the same. Invenateq, to fight COVID-19 ad help organisations to hire AWS experts has switched to aws training in bangalore With Online lectures and access to recorded lecture, learning AWS during lockdown has become easy and helpful.

Post-lockdown companies would try means to reduce cost and increase trade to overcome the loss it has suffered during lockdown and therefore for software/IT experts this is the prime time to go for aws online training and make themselves eligible for future hiring criteria.

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