An apprentice at a Teesside based communications and wholesale provider has capped off a memorable first 6 months of work by winning a number of key contracts to the value of over £50,000.

Ilona Bensley joined Stratus Technologies in April as an Admin and Customer Service Assistant, having been placed through leading apprenticeship provider Agility People Services. However her rapid development has seen her take on much more responsibility.

The latest set of contracts won by Ilona were for leading IT partners from various parts of the UK for leased line solutions

“This apprenticeship with Stratus has been brilliant and I have learnt so much in the short space of time I’ve been here and I’m delighted I’ve been able to win these contracts for the company” said Ilona.

The number of apprenticeships being taken out has steadily increased in recent years and Ilona feels the benefits they offer make them a great opportunity for younger people.

“The combination of training and on the job learning has taught me so much. I’m getting real experience in the business world through this apprenticeship and you cannot substitute that for anything as worthwhile”.

Ilona quickly fitted in with the culture and environment at Stratus and it wasn’t long before she was making her mark and adding to her daily tasks.

“The impact and progression made by Ilona has been tremendous in the short space of time she has been with us” said Stratus director Gavin Scotchbrook.

“She is certainly part of the time and fully deserves the success and rewards she’s earning right now. She is a fantastic advocate of how an apprenticeship scheme can be successful”.

The apprenticeship was setup by Agility People Services, a provider of training and HR solutions based in Stockton.

“Ilona is just one of many success stories of apprenticeships and is evidence of the benefits these schemes can offer to employers” said Victoria Daniels of Agility People Services.