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Jan 5, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 16.28.17Hi all welcome to my column. Today’s story is a little bit about Bellissimi Beauty Makeup Studio. As you will have had a bit of background of me in North East Connected, I wanted to talk a bit more about my business and how it started. For the female readers out there – how many of you have felt intimidated or ‘judged’ at a cosmetics counter? Or do you find it daunting when going to the cosmetics counters to choose a product and don’t know where to start? I think most of us can relate to this on some level. Why is this important? This is where I come in. Consider me the ‘middle man’ between you and the beauty industry. I pride myself on keeping up to date with the latest products and brands and I want to share this knowledge with you. Think of me as a Beauty Consultant with a twist – I do not make money from endorsing any brands, all opinions and suggestions will be my own to suit you and your skin. I do not have any sales targets to reach so I can be honest and objective.

This is something totally different and a niche market. Yes I will offer makeup application and lash/brow treatments but I will also be educating women on making smart choices to suit their colouring, skin type and look. I am offering an experience not just a service. I will talk you through each step of the process and explain why I am doing it. More so, if you book in for a 121 lesson or group lesson with me, I then go further into this detail to explain how I am doing it.

I am proud to be working with Miss Tees Valley, Miss North Yorkshire and official makeup artist of Top Model of Sunderland. We are lucky to have so much beauty in the north east of England so it really is an honour.

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