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The Biggest Lottery Winners of the North East

Along the years, Northeast UK has gathered quite an impressive hall of fame for lottery winners. So many people have seen their lotto dreams turned into reality and we would like to tell you all about them and what they have done with their fantastic windfalls. So, without further ado, here are the biggest lottery winners of North East UK:

Jacqueline Redikin – £11 MILLION

Britons everywhere rejoiced when Newcastle resident Jacqueline Redikin and her husband, Peter, won a whopping £11 MILLION in the UK Lotto in 2010. She is a massive Newcastle United fan, so the very first thing they spent their lottery cash on was a set of tickets to one of her favorite team’s matches.

It was an iconic moment for them as the Magpies were playing against Peter’s favorites, Manchester United, in Old Trafford. As for the rest of their lottery jackpot plans, the couple said they wanted to take a trip on the famous Orient Express, and replace their Seat Toledo with a newer car.  

Paul Goldie – £3.5 MILLION

Washington resident, Paul Goldie, had a very magical Christmas indeed back in 2010, when he scooped a huge £3.5 million prize in the National Lottery. Given that his win came during the holidays, it seems that Mr. Goldie was so scared of losing his winning ticket that he kept it in his wallet for safekeeping.

Aside from that, he simply refused to take his pants off for a whole of five days. When it comes to collecting a £3.5 million prize, truthfully, you can never be too careful. Mr. Goldie went on to get the whole of his lottery jackpot and he was absolutely thrilled.

Sarah Cockings – £3 MILLION

At the young age of 24, Sarah Cockings of Whitley Bay, North Tyneside, bagged a life-changing prize worth £3 million in the National Lottery. This was back in 2005, and, fortunately, Ms. Cockings did not follow the path of other young EuroMillions lottery winners who squandered away their fortunes. She moved to Morpeth and decided to make the most of her lotto win.  

Doreen Smith – £2.4 MILLION

Another Washington resident, Doreen Smith, got her very own UK lotto win in 2011. Mrs. Smith, a sweet retired old lady had just gotten two new hips, but when her husband, Fred, told her that they had won £2.4 million in the lottery, she “danced like Michael Flatley”. Just imagine the buzz that comes with winning such a huge lotto fortune.

Michael Eggleston – £2.7 MILLION

Back in 2007, Michael Eggleston of Jarrow, South Tyneside won a whopping £2.7 million in the UK Lotto. The 63-year old Tesco general assistant decided to quit his job immediately after cashing in his big win. One of the biggest purchases that he has made was a £8,000 gold Robin Reliant. Mr. Eggleston plans to enjoy his lottery winnings to the fullest, but continue to live a quiet life.

Looking at these amazing stories, playing the lottery is almost irresistible. Put in your very own UK Lotto ticket and maybe you will get a winner story of your very own! This is how every lottery fairytale starts, so make yours happen today! Good luck!

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