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Bingo Is Bringing Excitement Back to Gaming – Here’s How

A decade ago, the idea that bingo would be at the forefront of gaming would have been surprising. Today, the industry is valued at around £1 billion in the UK alone, which shows how well it has rebounded. Indeed, its rise has been that effective that it is now beginning to think of new ways to add more excitement to the user experience.

While consoles and software developers are focusing on virtual and augmented reality headsets, the bingo industry is concentrating on what it can control. Read on to find out more about how a British institution is innovating a tweaking a tried and tested formula.

Bravely Differentiating Game Libraries

You might assume that it doesn’t take much courage to develop different types of games, yet this isn’t the case with bingo. After all, it has been around for tens of years, and its base is very territorial regarding keeping the foundations of what makes it successful. Still, something needed to be done, and evolving the game for its audience was the solution.

For example, any bingo provider worth their salt will have an array of editions that aren’t classical, such as Slingos, slot machines and scratch cards. These are revolutionary because they bring instant excitement to players through adrenaline-fueled gameplay. In particular, people love bingo scratch cards as they are fast to play and have a sense of mystery because you need to scrape off the picture before revealing whether you have won or lost. Slot machines are pretty similar, but if anything, the play is even quicker and more adrenaline-packed as everything happens in seconds. As a result, they are now played in between standard bingo games since they fill the gaps perfectly.

This transition means there is never a dull moment for players who play bingo online. With an eclectic mix of titles to choose from, it’s hard for the novelty to wear thin, regardless of how regularly you like to play.

Combining Customs & Cultures

There are just as many ways to have fun offline as there are online, especially since bingo is beginning to transcend borders. The best example is bingo in Berlin, which has been a huge hit in Germany, but also in the world due to its clever take on the rules.

The base of the game is the same, the only difference being that you have tasks to complete when you land a number. This can be anything from buying a coffee to visiting a martial class. Thanks to the unpredictability of what you’ll be asked to do, there are lots of unknowns, which lead to more excitement.

In the UK, our bingo halls are starting to accommodate young adults by offering food, drinks and live entertainment, as well as the bingo itself. The game is an experience that you won’t forget. With the globalisation of the game and the extra versatility, more people are taken out of their comfort zones.

Entering Popular Culture

Bingo has always played a significant part in popular culture, but its role is changing as the perception of the game evolves. Whereas the height of its fame saw it introduced into movies, it’s now taking a starring role in TV and film.

An excellent case study for this is The Voice UK, which now has a bingo provider as its main sponsor. As a result, lots of releases are centring around the show as their theme, meaning that libraries are a double dose of excitement for audiences because the link lets them indulge in their favourite series.

The fact that The Voice gets around 5 million viewers for an episode per week highlights how important it is for the sector to have a connection with popular culture, particularly a well-loved format like The Voice UK.

Bingo is back in a big way because it’s concentrating on improving the excitement it provides to its players. Hopefully, that will continue for the foreseeable future as the gaming industry can only benefit.

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