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Budrevich: the home of fine jewellery


Nov 28, 2021

Bringing a little bit of Bond Street to London’s Jewellery Quarter

Piece by precious piece, Budrevich Fine Jewellery Studio handcrafts flawlessly feminine jewels in the historic heart of London’s Jewellery Quarter. Launched in 2016, the jewellery atelier has been creating pieces for some of the most renowned fine jewellery houses in the world, whilst investing the same amount of skill, craftsmanship and attention to detail in its own private commissions.

Specialising in handmade, bespoke jewellery, each individual masterpiece is created to the highest standards by artisans who are experts in their craft. The antithesis of mass-produced jewels, the creation of a Budrevich jewel requires the kind of skill, expertise and dedication that can only be gained from years of experience.

Time-honoured techniques used by jewellers for centuries combine with the latest technology, resulting in extremely detailed, flawlessly finished jewels. Employing precision microscopes and laser welding machines, the craftsmen at Budrevich are able to see and perfect every tiny detail, resulting in the clean lines and architecturally beautiful silhouettes for which Budrevich is renowned.

Committed to transparency, all stones are available to browse and can be traced back to origin. Diamonds are all GIA Certified and gold used is Fairtrade. The jeweller also offers ready-to-wear cocktail rings, earrings, engagement rings and wedding bands, as well as its highly sought-after one-off commissions.

Founder Arseniy Budrevich muses on what keeps Budrevich Fine Jewellery Studio in a class of its own: “We believe that jewellery has so much more sentimental value if designed as a collaboration between client and craftsman; you are putting something of yourself into the piece, making it a reflection and an extension of you.

Because of the bespoke nature of our work, the creation of a jewel is never hurried. Each engagement ring, for example, takes approximately three days to realise, while even the simplest jewels, like a gold wedding band, are entirely made by hand.”


However, the service doesn’t stop when the sale is done; offering five-year complimentary after-sales care, Budrevich recommends clients return once a year for a clean, polish and professional check, ensuring the sparkle never dulls.

Budrevich wants to make the world shine. With so much love and attention paid to each piece, the brand celebrates life’s special moments with memories that will last a lifetime.