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Buying a new boiler for a small home? What you should know before you make your decision!

ByDave Stopher

Jul 26, 2021 #North East

Do you live in a small home or apartment and are thinking about getting a boiler installed? At first though, getting a bigger boiler might be the best course of action. This may be true for larger homes that have multiple bathrooms and rooms. However , a bigger boiler for a small property is a poor investment, you will spend more money on higher energy bills and it will take up unnecessary amounts of room.

If you are short on time, then we advise heading to the Boiler choice website at – https://boilerchoice.com/. They have a software where you can find the perfect boiler for you property, and they install throughout the West Midlands such as Birmingham, Worcester, Hereford, Cheltenham and many more locations.

Boiler size basics

If you thought that boiler size is measured in terms of its physical dimensions, you are mistaken. When we say the size of the boiler, it means the boiler output in kW (kilowatts). The amount of heat produced by the boiler in the given time is measured in kilowatts and that determines the size of the boiler. So, a smaller-sized boiler will produce less heat output in kW as compared to a bigger-sized boiler that will have a higher heat output in kW. So, if you have a small home, a smaller sized boiler is a great choice. With that being said though, typically a smaller sized boiler in terms of KW output, is going to be on the smaller side in terms of dimensions.

Different combi boiler sizes available

Combi boilers are a great choice for small homes or apartments. The boilers are compact and can be installed in the kitchen cupboard. Combi boilers also don’t have any extra overhead water tank that makes them easier to install.

Now, when you go on the market looking for combi boilers, you will find three different sizes:

  • 24 to 27 kW: For a small home or apartment that has about 10 medium-sized radiators and 1 bathroom, a combi boiler of this size will be the best choice.
  • 28 to 34kW: For a medium-sized house that has about 15 radiators and 2-3 bathrooms, a combi boiler of this size would be a better choice.
  • 35 to 42 kW: If you have a larger home, your hot water demand will be more. Hence, getting a combi boiler in this size will be the best choice. Everyone will be able to get hot water as required.

Factors to determine the size of the boiler

If you thought about getting a boiler a decade ago, you might be advised that buying a bigger boiler is great to compensate for the heat loss. But in present times, this is not a viable option as you will be paying more in energy bills. Also, the latest boiler models are advanced and energy efficient. So, choosing the right sized boiler to be installed for your home is important. You can do so by determining your exact needs:

  • Number of Radiators

One of the things you need to determine is the number of radiators you have in your house. An average UK home will have about 2-3 bedrooms and around 10 radiators. You can call this a small-sized or medium-sized home. In this case, you need to buy a boiler with an output of 24 to 30 kW. However, if you have a larger home with more than 10 radiators, you need to get a boiler with higher output.

So, when you are buying a boiler for your house, don’t forget to count the number of radiators.

  • Hot Water Demand

Another thing that you need to determine is your hot water demand. A smaller house with a single bathroom will have much less hot water demand as compared to a larger property. If you have a smaller house, a boiler with a heat output of 10 to 20 kW will be the right choice.

  • Water Pressure

If you have a modern house, you don’t need to worry about water pressure because you might be getting water from the mains supply. However, if you have an old property, you need to consider the water pressure. If you have low water pressure, you should look at a slightly bigger boiler.

Most boiler manufacturers will provide the ideal water pressure on the leaflet. This will also give you an idea about which sized boiler might be right for your home. But if you are still confused or worries, we suggest getting in touch with your local boiler experts, most engineers will be happy to talk you through what the best options might be.

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