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Captain Cook museum to be refurbished, leading to ‘confused’ protest

Captain Cook Birthplace Museum
Captain Cook Birthplace Museum

A protest is due to take place against the supposed ‘closure’ of the museum, which is due to receive a refurbishment. The museum will only close temporarily to allow for this work.

The Captain Cook Birthplace Museum in Marton pays tribute to the legendary navigator’s life. Cook is credited, among other things, with being the first western explorer to reach the east coast of Australia and Hawaii.

Tom Blenkinsop, MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, who is himself from Marton, said:

“The organisers of this march on the museum are obviously confused.

“Captain James Cook is a huge part of the Marton’s history – if the museum was under threat I would be the first to protest.

“I have been assured by Middlesbrough councillors the only the reason the museum is closing temporarily is because significant funding has become available for a much needed refurbishment.

“I am concerned that this march might worry residents for no reason when really we should be welcoming the funding made available to help recognise one of Marton’s and Yorkshire’s most celebrated sons.”

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