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Car Insurance is on the Rise, so How Can You Get the Best Deal?

With there being such a difference between premiums depending on where you live, how can people get the best deal when it comes to car insurance? Currently, those living in the Isle of Man, pay less for their car insurance than those in London. Although there are other factors involved, it is still a big increase.

If you are looking to buy a car such as a Polo Vivo, then you will need to find the best deals you can to get your car insured.

Security Features

When you speak to the car insurance companies, ask them if they offer any deals or discounts for added security features. Just by having an alarm or immobiliser fitted can decrease your premiums by a long way.

You might also be able to get a discount if you have security bolts on your alloy wheels. If this is the case, then getting them fitted might be worthwhile.

Discounts for Multiple Policies

Some insurance companies have a scheme whereby you get a discount if you have other insurance policies with them. So, for example, if you have home contents insurance and travel insurance with them, then you get a discount on your car insurance.

It can save you money if you have many insurances with different companies, changed to the same company.

Multiple Drivers

If you are a young driver, or you have just passed your test, the premiums can be extremely high. You might be able to get this cost reduced by adding your name to someone else’s policy in the household.

There are many companies that offer this type of discount, although the other person in the household needs to arrange this themselves.

Two or More Cars in the Same Household

Another way that you can get a discount with some providers is if you have two or more cars at the same house, insured by the same company. In some cases, the more cars in the household who have the same insurance company, the more discount they get.

Comprehensive or Third Party

The question of third-party or comprehensive insurance usually lies with the type of car you have. If you have bought an old car that was not expensive to buy, you might not want to insure it comprehensively; especially if the insurance works out more than the value of the car.

If you have bought a newer car, then this situation changes, as you will be able to get the book price for your car if there is an accident. You won’t be able to do that if you only have fire and theft if you have a crash.

Trying to arrange car insurance for yourself or your children can be difficult. However, there are things you can ask about to see if they can give you any discounts. It is also good to shop around to see if there are better deals because sometimes you can find one with a smaller insurance company.

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